Pokemon Sun and Moon Update

Nintendo just recently revealed the latest evolution of some of the newest Pokemon and the Aloha form of Grimer and Muk. At this point it seems clear to me that the first 150 Pokemon will get the Aloha treatment, otherwise, Nintendo has a lot of work to do. Regardless, Grimer and Muk mostly appear to be the same as their previous forms. Grimer gets mostly a color change, which I find unappealing.

Aloha Grimer & Muk


While the colors seem appropriate for a poisonous Pokemon, I don’t really like them. Muk on the other hand at least gets bad coloring, in addition to rock like teeth and claws. Grimer and Muk, both gain the dark typing, which seems to be a common type addition for the most recent Aloha Pokemon.




The synthetic Pokemon, Type: Null, get an evolution. It’s mostly the same Pokemon with the exception of it’s face. Silvally breaks the masks once it trusts the trainer. While Silvally is considered a evolution, but it seems to only be a change in the face, not the body. The evolution of Rowlet, Dartrix seems to have an uppity personality. It’s look is more humanistic, and it features expressive eyes. I generally, like it but I’m curious what the final stage is will look like. 



The second stage of Litten, Torracat’s looks like a predictable evolution, basically it’s just bigger. That’s fine, but a bit disappointing. The same can be said for Popplio’s evolution, Brionne. Rimombee, is the evolution of Cutiefly. It resembles a bee, crossed with a Disney fairy. I don’t like this Pokemon’s design at all. I think the thin legs are similar to what I would draw as a child. 





Steenee and Tsareena, are the final two evolutionary stages of, Bounsweet. They take on a feminine humanoid appearance, similar to Roserade. I like their clever designed, it has a distinct personality. Tsareena will have the unique ability called Queenly Majesty, it prevents opponents from using priority moves. Steenee and Tsareena both introduce moves exclusive to them, Trop Kick.







Finally, we have my favorite designed Pokemon so far, Hakamo-o and Kommo-o. I think there may be far too many scales, but it’s a dramatic design, that’s is interesting. Like Tsareena, Kommo-o has a unique move called, Clanging Scales. This move will lower the defense of Kommo-o. Finally, it becomes a fighting type, as well as a dragon.





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