Mass Effect Andromeda


Everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda so far. The last time we saw the Mass Effect series it was 2012. Closing a trilogy that was highly regarded as a game changer in the video-game industry. Bioware announced the next game in the series on June 15, 2015. Very little has been reveal about the latest Mass Effect game. Some details have been revealed through leaks and teasers. Mass Effect Andromeda has been delayed until early 2017. While we wait here’s what has been reveal so far:

New Universe

Unlike the previous games, Mass Effect Andromeda won’t pit up where you left of in Mass Effect 3. Actually, it won’t even feature the planet Earth. The story picks up hundreds of years after the defense of Earth by Commander Shepard, in a completely different galaxy. Instead the main protagonists will be looking for a new planet for humans to call home.

Large and Open World

With the new capabilities of the next gen consoles, Mass Effect will be an expansive open world game. The game is rumored to be, “four times,” the size of the previous game. Load times are no longer noticeable, allowing a player to seamlessly explore the environments.

Choices are still key

One of the defining features of the Mass Effect series is the in game choice wheel. So of the choices in the previous games felt like they really didn’t matter. Creative director Mac Walters has stated that he, “to embrace choice and diversity with what you can do in the game.” The Bioware team also will be changing how the romantic relationships in the game function.

New Races and other changes

The character the player will control can be male or female. They will actual be siblings and will have the last name Ryder. While the main protagonist will be human, there will be several returning races, like the Asari and Krogan. At least two new races will be introduced to the series. This game will not feature any vehicle combat, only exploration. Multiplayer will feature various mission types that will have benefits for the main game. We will have more information when Bioware celebrates N7 day on November 7th. 

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