Weekly Shonen (09/09/16)


My Hero Academia

Chapter 106

Class 1-A

Mera states that 53 examinees have past and another 210 have been eliminated. Shouto Todoroki is the 54th examinee to past, he isn’t happy about his performance. Shouto proceeds to the waiting room. Izuku continues to battle against the Shiketsu High female student. She muses about whether Izuku will save anyone or does he have limits. She attacks him cutting his face, however, she and Izuku are separated by tape.


Hanta uses his tape ability to stop her from attacking Izuku. Ochako attacks the female student, her speed is too great and Ochako misses. The female student is disappointed that she can no longer fight Izuku one on one. She leaves and Izuku tells Ochako and Hanta no to pursue. He deduces that her Quirk only works when she is naked and she is no longer a threat.

Four more of the examinees past as, Hanta, Ochako and Izuku plan their next move. Izuku is cleaver in concluding that many students team up and attack smaller group. The problem is that they betray each other when the final target needs to be hit. Hanta wonders why he wants to get the entire class together.


Izuku explains that “that working together is the best option because they don’t have knowledge on their opponents’ Quirks and they are short on time. Izuku decides that they should first figure out the number of examinees they need to pass and then immobilize them; after they are immobilized, they will will hit their targets with their balls.” Ochako hears someone coming, Izuku goes to check.

Katsuki and Denki confront a Shiketsu High male he turned Eijirou into a “molded pile.” This guy rambles about how superior he is, Denki and Katsuki are unimpressed. This student shows his Quirk by molding five fingers out of thin air. He attacks Katsuki, who prepares. Meanwhile, Ms. Joke and Shouta are having a conversation regarding their students. Shouta says that he’s not worried that about his students, because Katsuki and Izuku are inspirations.



I’m impressed by Izuku’s analytical skills. Often characters aren’t both smart and powerful. One concerning aspect of this exam is that the Class A is expected to pass. It seems to me that, while I expect them to all pass, it’s is highly improbable that they would. That said, I think that Izuku plan would be difficult to pull off. How is he going to get into contact with his classmates. There are far too many moving parts, but maybe I’m going to be wrong.




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