Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Review)


battle02CG Final Fantasy movies are usually disappointing. Despite the high quality of the CG the movies tend to be unimpressive. Kingsglaive is at least a step up from previous movies in the series. The film is directed by Takeshi Nozue, written by Takashi Hasegawa, and produced by Hajime Tabata. Kingsglaive is a companion movie to the upcoming FF15 game.


The general plot is that the Kingdom of Lucis houses a crystal that protects it. The empire of Niflheim is attempting to steal this crystal. The Kingsglaive is an elite force of solider’s that protect Lucis. King Regis is given an ultimatum. Marry his son, Prince Noctis to Princess Lunafreya and surrender his lands to the rule of Niflheim.


As the Kingsglaive betray the Kingdom of Lucis, the crystal that protected the kingdom is stolen. At this point the “Ring of the Lucii,” becomes a central part of movie. As the kingdom falls apart, the Kingsglaive solider, Nyx Ulric is called to protect the princess. The princess is asked to give the ring to Noctis. King Regis is killed in front of them by imperial general Glauca.


They escape, only to be tracked down by Glauca. Before they battle Nyx puts on the ring and confronts the past Kings of Lucis. In exchange for his life, he is give the power of the ring. He and Glauca engage in epic battle. Their fight ends with Nyx mortally wounding Glauca and dying at dawn due to his agreement with the Kings. The movie ends with Princess Lunafreya leaving with the Ring to find Noctis.


While I generally enjoyed the film, it still has major problems. First the story is better than the previous FF movies. However, that’s not a large compliment. The dialogue is dull and the story is linear. The use of the style of fighting, where the user throws his sword and teleports to it is cool, but extremely hard to track. When the Kingsglaive betray’s the kingdom, there’s no way to tell who’s who. I guess this was done on purpose to set some sort of suspense, but I wasn’t invested in any of the characters to care who died anyway. I was mostly just confused.


The characters were at least distinctive in their appearance. However, the magical meets mechanical was a bit distracting. The armor of the soldiers made them stand out, but not for good reasons. They looked liked they didn’t belong in the world or at least were over dressed. The CGI in this movie is stunning, the monsters, characters and environments look real. Regardless of it’s downsides, this movie is excellent for anyone who wants to know what happens before the game starts. If you watch for nothing else the beginning war scene and the final battle is worth seeing.

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