Weekly Shonen (08/26/16)

021 (2)

My Hero Academia

Chapter 104

Climax! Each of our abilities

The preliminary round begins and the students begin to show their Quirks. A student from the Ketsubutsu Academy uses his abilities to harden the balls. He fellow classmate uses their ability to shoot the balls into the ground. Kyouka users her quirk called “Heartbeat,” shattering the ground. This results in the balls becoming more visible. Minoru is in danger of getting hit and he is saved by Mina.

051 (2)

Fumikage uses his new uses Black Ankh technique, its barley dodged by the student. The other classes are impressed by Class 1-A’s improved abilities. Izuku uses this opportunity to study the other quirks of the students. So far most of the students are on the defensive, resigned to guard their targets. They seem to be apprehensive about attacking. You Shindou that uses his quirk, Shake to ruin Class 1-A defense.

06 (11)

He follows it up with a special move called “Way of the Quaking Earth.” It shatter’s the ground, causing Class 1-A defense to fail. In other area’s of the arena the aftereffects of Shake is felt by the other students. A wind technique, swallows many of the students balls into a vortex. Inasa Yoarashi is the user and defeating 120 students instantly. Izuku is separated from the rest of his class, and is attacked by a female student. He prepares for battle.

09 (4)

The preliminary battle so far is enjoyable. I find it hard to believe that the wind technique from Inasa was accurate enough to hit 120 students targets. Anyway, the strategy involved in the preliminary round is interesting. If you attack you increase the chances that you’ll get hit. However, if you are too defensive you can get overwhelmed by stronger attacks like the ones from Inasa and Shindou.

12 (8)

01 (12)

One Piece

Chapter 837

Luffy vs Commander Cracker

Luffy and Commander Cracker face off. Cracker tells Luffy that his sword’s name is Pretzel. He claims that his sword knows no equal. Luffy being Luffy, charges head first into Cracker. He uses his Elephant Gun attack. It fails to do anything as Cracker blocks them with his shield. Cracker attacks Luffy with his several arms, overwhelming Luffy. 


Using Busoshoku Haki embedded Pretzel, Cracker hits Luffy in the stomach send Luffy flying. Nami becomes concerned as Luffy isn’t looking too good. Brulee mocks Nami for her weakness, and she comments that the “Worst Generation,” has failed to even face Big Mom as her soldiers are more than enough. She acknowledges that Urouge, did manage to defeat one of the four commanders himself.

03 (15)

Brulee attacks Nami, but Pound interfere’s on her behalf. Freed, Nami attacks with Thunderbolt Tempo. Brulee disappears, but Pound is sure she’ll return. The Homies begin to flee as they are overwhelmed by the Strawhat’s. Luffy attacks with Hawk Gatling. Cracker is up to the task and blocks his attack. Luffy considers Cracker’s Haki to be the “strongest,” that he has even seen. Cracker enrages Luffy by suggesting that Sanji will reject him. Luffy activates Gear Fourth and delivers a devastating blow to Cracker. 

091 (1)

Another, great One Piece chapter. This was mostly a fight between Luffy and Cracker. While, I enjoyed it the fight feels rushed. Basically, it’s one chapter and Luffy has already used Gear Fourth. I wonder if this fight will be short, but I can’t imagine it’s over. Feel’s like Luffy will make his presents known with this likely defeat of Cracker. The result being that Sanji will be made aware that his friends are coming. 

16-17 (5)



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