Pokemon Go is a hit!


“Police urge gamers to stop trying to catch Sandshrew in Darwin police station”

For those who don’t know Pokemon Go is a reality augmented app for iOS and Android. It was released on July 6th and has already been a massive success. Pokemon Go uses a virtual world on top of the real one using the GPS data. The game incentives gamers to go outside to capture Pokemon. They can be found just about anywhere. This can be a danger that Nintendo warns users of. If your not paying attention you could end up, in police stations, finding dead  bodies or getting robbed.


“Pokemon Go player finds dead body”

The games popularity has been surprising. “As of Monday morning, Go is the top free app in Apple’s iTunes Store.” The app is currently only available in US, Australia, and New Zealand. It has already been installed on about 5.16% of ALL android devices. The app also has high engagement, over 60% of the app user have used it daily. This means that 3% of the entire US android are using the apps. This has put Pokemon Go in league with Twitter. In a few days Pokemon Go could, “have more users Daily Active Users than the well-established social network.”



“A man has suffered the full pains of Pokemon Go after accidentally becoming the owner of a gym.

According to Similar Web, Pokemon Go has an average of 43 min. This is a higher average than Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger. This app has caused Nintendo’s stock to surge more than 20% to the highest point since 1983. According to CNN the Nintendo has increased it’s wealth by 7 billion. This is also good because of the high retention rate. Nintendo had resisted building apps for mobile it clearly is paying off.

“How ‘Pokemon Go’ Took Over the World”



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