Weekly Shonen (4/23/16)


One Piece

Chapter 824

Little Pirate Games

The Strawhat are stunned at the news that the Revolution army had been defeated by the Blackbeard Pirates. Luffy is concerned for his brother Sabo. Though he seems to have forgotten that his father is Dragon, the Commander-in-Chief of the revolutionary army. Luffy’s absent mindedness is well established, so this isn’t surprising. News regarding whom has been wounded or killed was scarce.


Pedro deduces that if Luffy’s brother and father we killed or harmed, it would be big news. Luffy seems relieved, however, the conversation is interrupted by the kitchen setting on fire. During this moment a storm erupts, putting out the fire in the process. Meanwhile, at Zou, Bariete admits that he was aware that Carrot left to join Luffy. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Captain Jack survived and is waiting at the bottom of the sea for someone to save him.


Kiado is drunk and become enraged at Jack’s failure. He begins crying due to his failure to create a “crew of devil fruit users.” He yells that Luffy and Law don’t know who they have picked a fight with. Eustass Kid is shown to have been beaten and imprison. The storm has passed and Luffy tells his crew to dig into the meal he made. Luffy wastes much of the food, creating a apparently disgusting meal he dubbed “random curry.” Meanwhile, we see Sanji on Big Mom‘s ship. He discusses with Tamago his situation. Tamago tells Sanji that he should join the “Big Mom pirates.


Sanji makes it clear that he won’t join, and that he definitely won’t be cooking anything for them. Vito shows up and shows Sanji what his future wife looks like. She’s gorgeous and predictably Sanji is floored. I’ve already expressed my disappointment that we didn’t get to see the fight between the revolutionary army and Blackbeard pirates. However, the deduction of Pedro seems sound, so I’m okay with it. Furthermore, I highly doubt that Sabo or Dragon would die anyway.

00151 (1)

Captain Jack survival was surprising, he seems capable of breathing underwater unlike most devil fruit users. We finally get to see Kaido face and get to see his personality. He is how I would have predicted. Sanji reaction to his potential bribe is predictable, but I don’t see him truly betraying the Strawhat’s for her. Overall, another good chapter.

00212 (1)


Naruto side story 

The Path shone by the full moon light

Mitsuki awakens to Orochimaru handing him, “medicine.” He takes it and drops the cup due to it’s foul taste. Orochimaru leaves ordering Suigetsu to “bring him to his room,” once he completely awakens. Orochimaru is seen taking to a shadowy hooded figure. Suigetsu informs Mitsuki on how he came to end up in the medical bed. He then attacks Mitsuki, who successfully defends himself.


Orochimaru tells Mitsuki that he’s his “parent.” Mitsuki is unsure that Orochimaru is his mother or father. Orochimaru tells Mitsuki that they are going to get his memories back. He explains that the ninja named “Log,” has memory stealing jutsu. They dubbed this technique, Keibiki no jutsu. Together, Orochimaru and Mitsuki arrive at the lair of Log.


Mitsuki uses his “special” ability, to break through the barrier surrounding his hideout. They face Log head on, he uses Kana Shibari no jutsu (paralysis no jutsu). This effected Mitsuki, but not Orochimaru. Log and Orochimaru clash and uses his snake to attempt to pierce Log’s armor. He appears to fail and Log uses Ninja Art: Yoroi Gui.


His armor begins to cover Orochimaru, who tells Mitsuki to uses his sage power. Log attempts to attack Mitsuki, but is bitten by a small snake. Orochimaru leaves Mitsuki with the now paralyzed Log. Log asks Mitsuki to remove his mask and tells him that “Orochimaru is lying to him.” Upon removal of his mask it is revealed that he is a clone of Orochimaru, like Mitsuki.


He explains that they are “synthetic humans,” Orochimaru returns and he and Log begin to bicker over Mitsuki. Mitsuki activates his “Sage Mode,” and decides that he’ll make his own discussions. It is revealed that this entire mission was a ruse. Both, Orochimaru and Log were working together. The medicine first consumed by Mitsuki was a catalyst for his memory loss. They are happy that Mitsuki has become assertive and decided for himself what he’s going to do.


I can’t wait for Boruto to arrive next month, and this chapter wet my appetite for it. Mitsuki has long been rumored to Orochimaru’s child. I have always assumed that it was through science. Mitsuki seems to be and interesting character and his abilities haven’t been fully explained. One criticism is regarding the “Sage mode,” appearance. I just don’t like the design.




Chapter 671

The Perfect Crimson 2

Hitsugaya activates his complete, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. He claims that his power is still incomplete. He tells Byakuya that he ages when he does use it. He acknowledges that he’s “not really a fan,” of his mature form. Gerard ask Hitsugaya, “who he is?” He confirms that he is still just Hitsugaya. Gerard clams that “it doesn’t matter,” and attacks.

03 (1)

He does acknowledge that the mature Hitsugaya, is a better than the “Child.” Gerard hurls his shield at Hitsugaya, he freezes it in mid-air. Gerard attacks Hitsugaya with his sword and it is frozen and split in half. He says that “anything that is frozen, all its functions cease.” Gerard’s finally results to using a “Quincy bow.” Hitsugaya uses the technique, Shikai Hyouketsu.


Hitsugaya explains that when he uses, Daiguren Hyourinmaru he can freeze anything within four seconds. Gerard breaks out of the ice and grabs Hitsugaya. Kenpachi grabs Gerard’s foot causing him to trip. He also begins to freeze due to touching Hitsugaya. He still claims is that it doesn’t matter. However, Byakuya uses his technique Senkei Senbonzakura Kageyoshi. He then use Ikka Senjinka, hurling hundreds of swords at Gerard.


This battle is getting more interesting, and I’m starting to think that Gerard isn’t dead yet. Facing off against, Hitsugaya, Kenpachi and Byakuya should be enough. However, if you consider the number of characters that haven’t used or revealed their Bankai’s yet. Mainly, characters like Shinji. In addition to this Renji and Rukia are still alive and can contribute if necessary. This fight started out as boring, but is becoming more enjoyable.




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