Weekly Shonen (4/10/16)

011 (6)

One Piece

Chapter 822

Descending the elephant

Zunisha’s wound is bandaged by Chopper. Miyagi wonders where Zunisha’s is going, and wants to ask it. Meanwhile, in Kurau City Momonosuke tells Kin’emon that “he wants to stay behind on Zou, to communicate with Zunisha and learn more about the Kozuki family. Kin’emon is understanding, but say’s that there are some people are waiting for him in Wano country. Inurashi offers to protect Momonosuke from Kaido. Kin’emon states that there will be four separate teams.

09 (12)

Luffy’s team will rescue Sanji, Kin’emon’s team will return to Wano country, Nekomamushi’s team will find Marco, and Momonosuke and Inurashi will remain on Zou. The team’s will communicate via Den Den Mushi’s that Franky will make. At the Whale forest, Pekom’s home is destroyed and he call’s to Luffy from underneath some rubble. He tell’s Luffy, that he ate the, “Kame Kame no Mi,” devil fruit. He was given the a shell made out of diamond as a result.

05 (9)

Pedro offers his services to Luffy and joins his team. Usopp gives Nami an upgraded clima-tact, which includes all of Nami’s weathering devices. When it’s time to go Luffy, shocks everyone by jumping off of the Zou with Sanji’s rescue squad in his arms. Finally, we see Nefertart Vivi as she and her father head to sea. This chapter moves the story along nicely. It’s revealed to us which devil fruit Pekom’s consumed. We are also told that Franky will be building new weapons to fight Kaido, Zoro will find some Samurai for Luffy and Nami receiving her Clima-tact. I think it’s clear that all of these factors will play into the future battles. it will be interesting to see how Luffy’s team will successfully infiltrate Big Mom’s ship.

17 (15)

01 (16)



Chapter 669

Yaiba 2

Kenpachi, uses Bankai causing a massive explosion of energy. Kenpachi is revealed to now have, red skin, an altered sword and horns. Gerard is unimpressed, and punches toward Kenpachi. He responds by biting Gerard’s knuckle and tearing off his arm. Gerard remind’s Kenpachi that his arm will regenerate. Kenpachi doesn’t respond, and cuts Gerard’s shield in half, taking his forearm as well., Kenpachi overpower’s Gerard, cutting him in half vertically.

02 (18)

Kenpachi’s Bankai was surprising. No one could have predicted his new “demonic” form. However, most Bankai’s add something more that increasing the power and speed of the shinigami. I think a lot of fan’s will be disappointed. Ichigo’s Bankai change his Zanpakuto’s from a larger sword to a smaller one. As for the change in appearance, Ichigo, Rukia and Renji all change there appearance when they use their Bankai. Granted it’s not as dramatic as Kenpachi’s change. Overall, Kenpachi’s Bankai looks cool. With Kenpachi finally revealing his Bankai, that leaves Shinji, Yumichika, The Zero squad (never confirmed dead), Aizen and Ichigo’s new Bankai.

08 (7)


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