You can use Studio Ghibli’s animation software for free


According to . . .

Yes, that’s right, the renowned Japanese studio behind high-grossing films including anime – such as Spirited Away,Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyohas made its animation software Toonz free and open source in a move that will have possibly powerful (and undoubtedly cool) effects on the animation industry.

Major Japanese publisher Dwango acquired Toonz off its developer, Italian tech company Digital Video, on the condition it developed an Open Source platform, which is called OpenToonz – and is nicknamed Toonz Ghibli Edition, as it includes features developed by the famed animation house.

Check it out . . .


Studio Colorido makes

anime McDonald’s commercial reports that Japan has been using anime to “inspire young people to get part-time jobs there.” Read the article here. Watch the video below:


Dragon Ball paper-cup art

Japanese artist Shinrashinge “used three paper cups to draw a short Dragon Ball story.” It’s pretty cool, you should check out the video below. His Instagram is shin.2580.



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