Weekly Shonen (03/04/2016)

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Fairy Tail

Chapter 475

Dimaria Chronos Yesta

The witch Ultear arrives to aid Charlie, Wendy and Sherria. Ultear explains that she only exists within the “Frozen Valley.” She only exists because Dimaria stopped time. Dimaria becomes upset that Ultear has entered “her” world. Ultear says that she is a “concept,” and cannot fight Dimaria. Wendy and Sherria attack using, Sky Dragon Wing Attack and Sky God Boreas. Dimaria counters and tells them that she will show her true powers.

10 (7)


Dimaria allows a God Soul to take over. She embodies the Goddess of time, Chronos. Ultear is surprise that Dimaria had this power. Chronos takes aim at Wendy and Sherria pushes her out of the way, taking the hit. Ultear freezes her in time, preventing her from dying temporarily. Sherria and Wendy face off against Chronos. Ultear sensing their determination, asks them if they are “prepared to use the power of the future.” She says that the consequence of rendering them incapable of using magic. I liked this chapter, Ultear not really being there wasn’t surprising. Chronos looks cool and her power is incredible. I hoping that the “future,” powers of Wendy and Sherria will be amazing as well. However, I don’t think that they will remain unable to use magic forever.



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One Piece

Chapter 818

Within the Whale

Sometimes One Piece has a chapter devoid of action, but full of background information regarding the story of One Piece. The history in One Piece is profound and very interesting. It’s one of this series most attractive aspects and one of the reasons One Piece is a masterful series. So much has been reveal in this chapter that I don’t think I could do the chapter justice. I would highly recommend reading this chapter to understand all the new developments that where established.


It is possible to lose site of the fact that Luffy’s ultimate goal is finding the “One Piece,” and become pirate king. He also has an asset that no one in the series seems to have, Nico Robin. She has the ability to read the Poneglyph’s. Due to the fact that the Government has systematically, killed all those who can read them. Luffy may not “yet,” be the strongest among the remaining powers in One Piece, but Nico Robin gives him a clear advantage. To obtain the “One Piece,” Luffy will have to take one the Yonko, evade the government and protect Robin. Overall, this chapter has been the perfect display as to why One Piece is the most engaging manga. The combination of comedy, great art, engaging story, full characters and great action, always makes One Piece worth reading.

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