Weekly Shonen (02/18/16)



Chapter 663

God of Thunder 4

Askin is stunned by Yoruichi’s appearance, and asks for an answer regarding the transformation. It’s called Shunkou Raijuu Senkei (Thunder Beast Battle Form), she then engages Shunryuu Kokubyou Senki (Flash God Black Cat Warrior Princess). Urahara answers on her behalf, due to her inability to comprehend language. Yoruichi strikes Askin with devastating attacks. His immunity is no longer effective.

02 (11)

Urahara explains that her “mood,” that determines her reiatsu. He also notes that Askin immunity ability is too slow to adapt to her reiatsu’s change, since it changes at the rate of “48 times per seconds.” Urahara calms Yoruichi with a cat toy, while the effects of the poison finally kicks in again. Urahara goes to confirm Askin’s demise, only for Askin to activate his Quincy: Vollstandig.

10 (6)

Yoruichi’s was just epic in this chapter. However, the predictability of this chapter was disappointing. Obviously, Askin wasn’t going to be defeated without transforming. I assumed Yoruichi would use Bankai, but it seems that she is in no condition to do so. I will say that it seems to be waste that Askin needed Yoruichi and Urahara to defeat him. However, if Urahara uses Bankai I’ll be fine with it.

17 (7)


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