Weekly Shonen (01/28/16)


One Piece 

Chapter 814

Let’s go see Master Nekomamushi

Luffy is unsurprisingly shocked. Brooke and the others explains the situation with Sanji. They wonder about his family and what their involvement is. Zoro is less concerned about Sanji and more concerned with Kaidou. He also is upset with Sanji for “bring another Youkon”, into their lives. Luffy suggest that they “ask Sanji” themselves. He suggests that they visit Big Mom.


The Straw hats concluded that they could ask Peko. The head to the Whale Forest to see Nekomamushi and Pekomamushi. Chopper heads to help Nekomamushi and Luffy talks to Pekom. Nekomamushi is chastised by Chopper for his behavior. Nekomamushi didn’t obey Choppers rule to prevent himself from re-injuring himself. He injurers himself and end up back in a hospital bed. Pekom explains that Big Mom and Sanji’s father organized the married.


We find out some surprising news regarding Sanji’s family. The Vinsmoke are a family of Assassins. I think it’s interesting that for so many chapter we haven’t actually gone into the background of Sanji. I don’t think Pekom can be trusted, yet. Would he be leading the Strawhats into a trap or would he actually betray Big Mom?

17 (3)

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Chapter 660

The Visible Answer 

Jugram Haschwalth challenges Ishida to “prove” that he is loyal by killing Ichigo and the others. Haschwalth tells Ishida that he can already see how he responds. Ishida attacks Ichigo and he dodges. Ishida collapses the ground underneath, Ichigo and the others. Ichigo asks Ishida why he joined the Quinces. Ishida shows him a “Sun Key and he “explains that it will allow Ichigo and his friends to get down to the Sun Gate connected to the Human World.


He says that he intends to “stay behind and destroy Wahrwelt.” Ishida explains that “the chips he has scattered will activate and obliterate the city.” Ichigo asks him “why he has to do this alone, prompting Ishida to reveal that only his Reiatsu can activate them because they were handed down to him by Soken Ishida.” I think that no one can really be surprise that Ishida “betrayed”, the Quinces. 

13 (1)

However, the fact that Ishida couldn’t predict that Haschwalth would “see” his plans, seems uncharacteristic. He usually is a step ahead, and I’m going to assume that he does actually has a plan to counter Haschwalth sight. I think that the narrative will shift to one of the early fights, before returning to this one. Overall, the chapter just started explaining the plan Ishida has and I’m interested.

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