Weekly Shonen (1/21/16)


One Piece

Chapter 813

The Tea Party Invitation

Chopper and Nami are stunned at the news of Sanji’s impending nuptials. Sanji wonders why he is being asked to marry now. I appears that Sanji’s family is very well off and organized a sort of arranged marriage. It is revealed that Sanji is expected to marry one of Big Mama’s daughters. Bege suggests that by marrying, the Strawhat crew will be underlings of Big Mama. Sanji dismisses this, as Luffy would never allow it.


Sanji writes a note to the Strawhats, revealing that he won’t be returning. He saves Brooke, Nami, and Chopper from Bege’s castle. Nekomamushi appears behind Bege, he realizes that he’s outmatched and flee’s. Despite what the letter state, Brooke is given the impression that Sanji won’t be returning.


We get a lot more information regarding Sanji’s family background. I think Sanji will be rescued, as it appears that the Zou arc will end soon. Will the “Big Mom” arc be next, hopefully. If I’m correct then we’ll get more information regarding Big Mom, her powers, and her crew. It would be interesting to see Luffy, face off against a Youkon.





Chapter 659

There Will be Frost

We are teased with the arrival of Hitsugaya. He introduces himself and Gerard does the same. True to his usual form Hitsugaya dodges, and instantly uses his Bankai, Daiguren Hyourinmaru. From this point we switch to Uryu, who remembers his father conducting an autopsy on his mother. This revolting event causes Ishida to change his mind about becoming a doctor.


Meanwhile, in the present Haschwalth confronts Ishida. He seems to imply that Ishida is a traitor. He says that he found many little “chips”, Ishida planted all over Wahrwelt. Haschwalth challenges Ishida to prove, “he’s not a traitor” and draws his sword. Ishida moves backward to evade Haschwalth’s attack. He ends up coming face to face with Ichigo. 


I think that Kubo is doing something interesting. In previous fights (Mayuri verses Pernida), he focused on one fight to it’s completion. Now he’s seems to have decided to jump from fight to fight. Doing so he’s setting up several fight simultaneously. I think he will focus on one fight once he establishes the initial contact. I always found the fact that Hitsugaya always favors his Bankai strange. He’s similar to Byakuya in this manner. However, I think he might be better suited to try to fight with his Shikai first.



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