Weekly Shonen (01/15/16)


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One Piece

Chapter 812

Capone Gang Bege

Pekoms and Capone Bege arrive on Zou. Pekoms is outraged at the destruction of the city, Karau. He assumes that the “Straw Hats” are responsible. Meanwhile, Wanda and Nami are trying on clothing as Sanji make a fool of himself ogling them. Pekoms arrives and is relieved to find him fellow minks are still alive. He was told that the “Straw Hats” saved them. After seeing the Big Mom Pirates, Caesar panics. He pleads with Sanji to “save” him, but Sanji responds that now that Doflamingo has been defeated Caesar is now “useless.”


Sanji confronts Bege and Pekoms, along with Brooke. He asks “what business the Big Mom Pirates.” have on Zou. Pekoms thanks Sanji for saving his home. He reveals that “they had two missions: to capture Caesar and do something that would tear apart the Straw Hats.” He was willing to overlook the last part of the mission. However, Bege doesn’t find his decision acceptable. Pekoms says that he “will take any punishment handed to him”. Bege shots him in the back, shocking everyone.


He orders his “men out”, several small soldiers jump of openings in his bodies. The Firetank Pirates return to full size, they surround Brooke and Sanji at gun point. Bege reveals that he ate the Shiro Shiro no Mi, becoming the “Castle Man.” Bege said that “he would have liked to annihilate Pekoms with a cannon, but it would have drawn the minks’ attention and he did not want to deal with their strength.” Bege orders Vito to bring Nami and Chopper. He captures everyone and brings them to his castle. Bege reveals “an invitation for a tea party” sent by Big Mom. The event will be a wedding ceremony, where “Sanji, the third son of the Vinsmoke Family, would be wed to Purin, the 35th daughter of the Charlotte Family.


This chapter continues to add to the intrigue of the Zou arc. Pekoms reaction to the “Straws Hats”, saving his tribe wasn’t that surprising. However, Bege betrayal was. The Shiro Shiro devil fruit ability is interesting. However, the most shocking revelation is the fact that Sanji is being forced to marry. I think he may do it if it could save his friends and if she attractive. We’ll see. 






Chapter 658

Fatal Matters are Cold

The title of this chapter told us who was returning in this chapter. Hitsugaya’s return wasn’t surprising but I’m happy to see him return. Other characters also make a return to the series. The Visored, Hiyori, Lisa, Love, and Ushoda return. For the most part they prove to be useless. At this point Gerard isn’t really that impressive. He’s rather boring and I’m not at all interested in him. However, I would imagine he becomes more interesting when give a challenge. 


The first question to ask is “can Hitsugaya defeat him.” I think he can if Gerard’s power is based on “pure power” conversion. If Hitsugaya can circumvent this ability with his ice based attacks, he maybe the only one who can. Anyway, Askin explains his power AGAIN. This time he manages to shoot Yushiro with three arrows through the chest. I don’t know what Yoruichi will come up with to defeat him, but I hope she does. Overall, mostly a set up chapter. I hope Hitsugaya has some new techniques. 

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