Weekly Shonen (12/27/15)


It’s unclear if Air Gear is returning for good, or it’s just a limited return. However, I’m excited to see Air Gear return regardless.

Air Gear

Chapter: Trick 358

The chapter starts six months after the events of the last chapter. The Kogarasumaru team are fooling around. Ikki and Onigiri get caught peeping at Emily. Kazu notices that another team has posted their emblem on top of Kogarasumaru. Kazu says that he’s never heard of the team, “Ramble Clover.” The team prepares for a upcoming battle against Ramble Clover.


Ikki has been “burnt out“, since the events of Trophaeum tournament. As they are talking, an opponent interrupts them. Ikki tries begins to chase her. He mentions to himself that she is slow, but he can’t seem to catch her. Her style feel familiar to him, she uses 3600 board one fakie swallow twist. Ikki is impressed by her ability. Ikki uses Backflip 4200 raven hide. The masked rider turns out to be Simca, testing Ikki to keep him sharp. There wasn’t a how lot in this chapter, but I love the art of this series. I think I’m going to re-read this series. 



One Piece

Chapter 811


Caesar Clown is delighted when hearing that his gas he invented called “Koro,” was so effective. Chopper attacks him for his insensitivity and invention of the gas. Caesar tries to get the Straw Hats to abandoned the Minks. He claims that they are “known for two things, battle prowess and hated of humans.” Caesar is told by Sanji to “clear his gas.” He uses Roko to neutralize the gas. Nami and the others are attacked by Wanda. She assumed they were working with Jack. Weaken by the poison Nami takes advantage of Wanda. However, Wanda attempts to use a bomb to kill herself and Nami. She tearfully asks them “What they want and that the one they are looking for ins’t around.” Tristan arrives to tell Wanda that the Strawhats saved her.


Chopper tells everyone that “the gas would become impossible to treat after 48 hours and ordered the minks to round up everyone who is capable of assisting him.” Wanda is happy that they are going to save them. Together they manage to save the Minks. In the present, Chopper tells Luffy and the others that he needs to check up on Nekomamushi. Luffy and Brooke are both excited to see Nekomamushi for themselves.


Zoro asks Wanda “what happened to Sanji and Caesar.” Brook tells him that “most of the minks were not told what happened so they wouldn’t worry.” He says that “the event happened only two days ago” and he “told his crew-mates that it was very possible that Sanji would not be able to return to them.” Big Mam’s crew discovered Zou when they followed the Sunny. Yonko’s crew-member, Pekoms, is a native of Zou. The Big Mom Pirates arrived at Zou, and prepare to enter. We get more clarity of the events that occurred before Luffy and the others arrived. The fact that Chopper and the others helped was obvious. I’m interested to see the meeting between Luffy and Nekomamushi. Together their personalities should play off each other well. Finally, I’m interested in what happened to Sanji and Caesar. Did they offer Caesar in exchange for their freedom? Can’t wait to find out.






Chapter 657

God of Thunder 2

So Yushiro is a boy, at least that was finally clarified. I liked the fact that Askin (or to be more accurate Kubo) acknowledge the confusion. Anyway, Yoruichi continues being epic, destroying buildings in her path. She rescues Orihime and tells her to heal herself then the others. He brother attempts to hug her but she dodges and headbutts him. 


He claims that he came to rescue her and she responds sarcastically. This is lost on her brother, who appears to be dense. Askin interrupts them, as Ichigo finally gets up. Askin asks “if Yoruichi is going to attack him with her “Wonder Dog” technique again.” Yushiro corrects him and punches Askin in the face. His power surprises Askin. Yushiro activates his Shunko and uses Bakuen Muso, causing a massive explosion. 


Yoruichi commends him on mastering Shunko to the extent that he has, considering the fact that she just taught it to him recently. Askin survives the attack, he claims that “they will not be able to harm him with it any longer.” I’m glad Ichigo and the others have moved on. Now we can now focus on Yoruichi. However, her brother is impressive. I’m not sure I can be confident in his abilities yet. Regardless, Yoruichi will handle Askin, who’s powers I still don’t understand. 



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