Weekly Shonen (12/18/25)



Chapter 656

God of Thunder

Askin reveals that Lille was given a special powers by Yhwach. He explains that Schutzstaffel was lead by Lille. Pernida and Gerard weren’t given any special powers and were rumored to be part of the “Spirit King.” He also reveals that Gerard was rumored to be the “Spirit Kings heart.” Askin suspects that they rumors may not actually be true. Askin reveals that he has “defeated” Ichigo, as he lays flat on the ground.


Orihime and Chad arrive to aid him. Chad uses Brazo Derecho de Gigante, but he and Orihime get trapped in Askin’s Poison Pool. He tells them that the “pool” doesn’t kill, but allows him to take advantage of the situation. He explains that he has chosen “Reishi“, resulting in the Chad, Orihime and Ichigo becoming “overcome by the weight of Reishi.” He goes into greater detail regarding his ability, but is interrupted by Yoruichi.


She criticizes him for tell everyone about his powers and suggest that he’s being disrespectful to his opponents. Askin becomes annoyed and attacks her. She easily dodges and activates Shunko, Askin uses his Heilig Bogen, before saying that “a woman’s value lies in her style and presentation.” He shoots two arrows at her and she dodges one and catches the other, throwing it back at him. She connects and then hit Askin with Shunko Raijin Senkei.


I’m excited at the idea that Yoruichi takes on Askin. I’m annoyed at Askin, who seems to explain his powers every-time we see him. Yoruichi hasn’t fought a battle in a long time, and I hope that she does face off against him. Hopefully, she finally uses her Bankai. As for Askin he has so far manage to “defeat“, Ichigo and Grimmjow. How he manages to do so isn’t really a sign of his physical power, but of the nature of his ability. I can’t wait to see if Yoruichi defeats Askin once and for all.



One Piece

Chapter 810

The Curly Hat Pirates Arrive

Jack’s human form is revealed and he looks impressive. Nekomamushi comments on the rarity of the of the ancient form of Zou Zou no Mi. Jack says he is surprised that their are still warriors left on this island. Nekomamushi warns Jack, telling him that he should have left. He says that they have enough “warriors to rival a big nation.” He tells Bepo that he doesn’t need to get involved. Bepo responds that despite being a pirate he is a Mink and he will protect his home.


For 5 nights and days they battle, to a standstill. On the fifth day, Jack finally used the poison gas weapon. The gas quickly spread across the country incapacitating many. Jack took advantage and he and his followers begin torturing the Minks. They constantly ask them the location of the “Warrior from the Wano Country”. On the sixth day, Jack left the island leaving behind some subordinates.


Inu-Arashi tells them that Jack’s leaving was an “act of a savior.” He explains that Jack only left after the country to help Doflamingo. This means that Luffy and the others were indirectly responsible for his departure. In a flashback we see what occurred when the Straw Hat crew arrived. Brooke and Nami save a female squirrel Mink, Tristan. Brooke uses Soul Parade Eisbahn. They arrive to witness the crucified Nekomamushi and Inu-Arashi. Pedro calls out “to the Curly Hats and begs them to heal Inu-Arashi and Nekomamushi, as their injuries are fatal and they cannot be allowed to die.


Based on the events of this battle I highly doubt that Jack is dead. The events were interesting and I think that my interests in who the “Warrior from the Wano Country is.” I think it’s unfortunate that the Strawhat Crew won’t get to face off against Jack and his entire crew. 

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