Weekly Shonen (12/10/15)

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Fairy Tail

Chapter 465

400 Years

Natsu’s new powers start to fade, as Happy asks him how he’s feeling. Natsu tells him that he’s fine and he has enough “for one blow.” As the smoke clears Zeref appears smiling. Natsu asks Igneel to “lend him his powers.” Zeref compliments Natsu on his power. He concedes that Natsu “could stop him.” Zeref says that before he’s defeated he will tell Natsu something. That he is his older brother.


He says that their parents were killed over 400 years ago by dragons. Natsu is understandable confused by what Zeref is talking about. Zeref says that he created lifeforms called “etherious.”    He reveals that this is what Natsu is Etherious Natsu Dragneel (END). Happy interrupts warning Natsu not to buy into Zeref’s lies. Natsu recounts that he was told that Igneel “failed to defeat END” many times. Zeref says that because Igneel love for Natsu he neglected his duties to kill him. Natsu denies being END and proclaims that he is “human.” Zeref shots the book of END causing Natsu pain. He reveals that Igneel offered to teach Natsu Dragon Slayer Magic.

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Zeref tells Natsu that the dragons hatched a plan to teach Dragon slayers while concealing themselves within the mages. They used “Dragon Soul Seal”, to hid themselves within the mages bodies. They did this to travel into the future to defeat Acnologia. There were five “offspring” that were chosen for this plan Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Sting, and Rogue. The Dragons used eclipse to travel to the future with the help of a celestial mage Anna.

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Zeref reveals that Natsu and the other children were born over 400 years ago. Natsu becomes impatient with Zeref and attacks him. He tells Natsu that if he kills him he will “cease to exists.” Natsu being stubborn doesn’t seem to care. Natsu is stopped by Happy, who tearfully begs Natsu to stop. Happy takes off with Natsu, as Zeref smiles claiming that Natsu “can no longer stop him”.This chapter was eye opening. I didn’t think Natsu was going to defeat Zeref, but to end up not finishing at all was unexpected. At this point I’m not sure whether Zeref is telling the truth. His scheme would have to be too complicated for everything he said to be false. I do think it this news is going to have a profound effect on Natsu. 


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Chapter 655

The Miracle 

Gerard explains under what circumstances miracles occur. Renji is annoyed at his constant talking, as Gerard promises to show them what a miracle is. As Gerard talks Byakuya attacks with Senbonzakura, knocking his helmet off. Hinamori is horrified at Byakuya’s brutality. Shinji explains that “Gerard would have likely turned the entire situation around with a single attack if they had let him live and figure out how their abilities worked.” 

17 (2)

Byakuya attacks a second time and begins to leave. They are prevented from leaving by the now giant foot of Gerard. He grows to a massive giant. He reveals that The Miracle “allows him to convert damage that he takes into increases in size and power before admitting that he has never been damaged to this extent before.” Gerard quickly dispatches the Shinigami, proclaiming that “there are no miracles coming to save the Shinigami.


This chapter was a quick read. Gerard’s powers are a handful but I feel like I’ve seen them before. Regardless once again Byakuya showed us why he’s a bad-ass. Unfortunately, Shinji and Hinamori still managed to look weak and useless in comparison. I have the utmost confidence that Byakuya will prevail in this fight. However, I think it might be possible that we finally see Shinji’s Bankai. 




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