Weekly Shonen (12/4/15)

02 (1)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 010

A Sentient Flame Person

Setsuo Miyamoto uses his new powers as a sentient flame person to kill the citizens in the courtroom. He asks the judge “who said you could up and decide my fate.” The judge responds that he “pronounced him innocent.” Setsuo tells the judge to “shut up”, then he kills him with flames. The Fire Brigade is alerted of the presence of a flame person. Hinawa chastises Arthur and Shinra for leaving the to sell balloons.

01 (1)



Maki apologize for basically lying and suggesting that she didn’t tell Hinawa the truth. Shinra leaves and Arthur grabs onto him. They pull up next to Hinawa while he’s driving to the scene. He tells them to go ahead and stop the murderer. Meanwhile, Setsuo is leaving the courthouse while he drags his lawyer by the mouth. Setsuo says that he now “owns” his lawyer after “saving” him.



Shinra surprises him and kicks him, stopping short knocking Arthur off of him. Arthur recovers and strikes Setsuo in the face. Together, Arthur and Shinra kick him in the face again. Setsuo responds that they must have a “death wish.” A female civilian asks for help and Setsuo says that they are “not here to save her, they are here to kill him.” He tells her to “quit your her whining”, and attacks. Maki saves her, saying they have “come to save everyone here.”


She counters his flame attack using Pusupusu Comet. The Brigade surrounds Setsuo, he claims to have given up. He tells them to “make a liar out of him”. He says that if they aren’t killers the will let him go. Maki suggests that he’s a mass killer. He counters that he was “declared innocent” in a court of law and that they could kill him in cold blood. Takehisa shoots him in the head, saying that he lacks the “virtue required to forgive trash like him.” Setsuo flees and Hinawa tells Shinra to go after him and kill him.

12 (1)

I really enjoyed this chapter. Setsuo becoming a mass murderer wasn’t surprising considering how he behaved as a regular human. I think that the most interesting aspect of this chapter is the theory that Setsuo made that the Brigade are “just murderers.” Setsuo’s argument is faulty regarding his non-guilty verdict. After he was given the verdict he then proceeded to kill more people, so Maki is correct. However, I do think he has a point. If a sentient flame person is created and doesn’t kill, would the Brigade kill them? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.



One Piece

Chapter 809

Master Nekomamushi

The Strawhat crew is shocked to hear that Ceasar’s Poison Gas weapon was used. Inu-Arashi tells them about Master Nekomamushi. He says that he meet Shanks on a journey with Nekomamushi and then abruptly falls asleep. Wanda explains that Inu-Arashi and Nekomamushi have a contentious relationship. For this reason, they rule during shifts. Nekomamushi rules during the night and Inu-Arashi during the day.

011 (2)

The Straw Hats notice that the nurses Miyagi and Tristan also fell asleep. Sicilian says that “all the minks in the fort are affected by this schedule, with the minks in the Whale Forest taking over everything, including combat duties.” Sicilian remembers the invasion of Jack. The Gifters attack, the Musketeer Squad arrives and began a fightback. Inu-Arashi single handily stops an attack from Jack. Jack’s subordinates are shocked. They were still supportive of their captain and sure of his victory as he was given the bounty of 1 billion beli. Jack told Inu-Arashi that “he would only stop attacking once Raizo stood before him and that he loved destruction.


Inu-Arashi and the Musketeers battle against the Beasts Pirates, but the fight ends when the clock strikes 6:00 and Master Nekomamushi’s roars. Inu-Arashi orders the Musketeers to retreat as the “moron of the night has awoken”. Nekomamushi and the Guardians arrive and quickly engage the Beast Pirates. Nekomamushi says that he will not “show mercy to intruders.” Nekomamushi attacks Jack, grabbing Jack’s trunk, and flips him. Nekomamushi tells Jack that “if a samurai did step foot on Zou, he would already be digesting in his stomach.” Jack returns to his human form and prepares to attack. Nekomamushi looks badass. I like his look and his attitude. Clearly, he is defeated somehow but I hope we get to see some of his and Jack’s power.




Chapter 654

Deadman Standing

Lille begins to literally rain down. Nanao collapses into Shunsui’s arms. Shunsui prepares to leave as he also collapses. In the Seireitei, Lille crashes through the barrier and crashes to the ground. Aizen and several (Shinigami fodder) notice the crashes. Lille kills one of them and transforms into a completely different form. Lille angered at Shunsui vows to get revenge and attacks the Seireitei. Several clones of him begin to appear.

13 (1)

Lille begins to attacks but Kira cuts one of their heads in half. He notes how annoying he finds them and identifies himself as a “dead man.” Kira is surrounded by many of the clones and seems prepared to fight them all. Meanwhile, Gerard is thrown by Renji into rubble. Renji tells him not to “fucking underestimate them”, suggesting that Gerard defeating him and Byakuya. Gerard seems fine as he grins and says that “doing so would be considered a miracle.


There wasn’t a lot to this chapter, but I wasn’t surprised that Lille survived. I’m hoping that Aizen kills him, but it looks like Kira might. To be honest Kira is a weak character and I don’t know why Kubo bothered resurrecting him. The most important aspect of this chapter is the fight between Renji, Byakuya and Gerard. I’m hoping it’s going to be epic and we’ll finally get to see Byakuya’s “new” Bankai.

17 (1)


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