Weekly Shonen (11/20/15)

001 (1)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 008

Searching for the Truth

As Joker leaves he offers Shinra an invitation to join his Brigade. Shinra tells Arthur and Tamaki to run because the room was going to explode. Shinra picks up the two unconscious Fire Brigade members and he tells Arthur to “cut through the ceiling with his Excalibur so they can all escape from the roof.” Arthur does what he’s asked. His cuts fail to collapse the ceiling, Tamaki steps up and uses her Nekomata to push the ceiling up. Shinra flies up, Tamaki and Arthur grab him. Comically, Tamaki accidently grabbing onto Shinra’s private parts. The room explodes, as they escape.


Arthur and Tamaki begin to fall as they lose their grip on Shinra. Burns appears, and catches Tamaki. He tells Shinra to “land with the other Officers safely.” Arthur, continues to falling, he asks “what about me“, but Burns say’s “it’s out of his hands since he can’t fly.” Akitaru and the two other 8th Brigade members catch him with a blanket. Arthur lands in the blanket and hurts himself as his fellow Brigade members can’t hold his weight.


The officers check the building, Commander Burns thanks Shinra for saving Tamaki. She contends that “she could have saved herself“. Akitaru runs toward Shinra to check on him. Burns tells Akitaru that he “has a mighty fine subordinate“. He then demands Tamaki to provide him with a brief of what occurred. Shinra explains everything that occurred in the building. He suggests that the Special Fire Brigade “might be hiding something him.” Akitaru says, “he will let him on the secret of why the Special 8th Brigade was really formed.



Chapter 652

The Theater Suicide Scene 6

Nanao reveals her Zanpaktuo, Hakkyouken Shinken. Lille criticizes the sword for being too bright and “tacky.” Nanao response that the sword, “reflects the ability of the God it faces off against“. She says that Hakkyouken Shinken is diffusing the “light Lille is emanating“. While, pleased for being called a God, Lille is confused by Shinken’s powers. Nanao attacks him as we flashback.


We flashback to when Nanao’s mother gives Shunsui, Hakkyouken Shinken. After her mother dies she goes to live with an elderly couple. She reveals that she couldn’t “make the asauchi she was provided her own“. Despite applying to the Kido Corps, she was placed in the 8th division. Meanwhile, in the present Nanao strikes Lille with her sword. He parries the attack much to Nanao’s surprise.


Lille mocks her efforts, telling her that he “never imagined that her sword would cut him anyway.” He prepares his attacks, proclaiming that “this will be the last thing she sees.” From the shadows, Shinsui begs Nanao to, “allow him to protect her“. This chapter failed to clear exactly why Nanao couldn’t master her Zanpaktuo. Maybe, we’ll get more flashbacks that will explain further. As for her sword, it clearly isn’t meant for combat. I wonder how Shunsui will help her learn to use it. She’ll need to learn quickly.

001 (2)


One Piece

Chapter 807

Ten Days Ago

On the Thousand Sunny, Kin’emon, Kanjuro, and the monkey give up on climbing up to Zou for the day. At the Right Belly Fortress, Zoro, Luffy, and the other Straw Hats enjoy a meal with the Minks. Brook happily greets his crewmates. Brook apologizes to Luffy, for what happened to Sanji. He reveals that “Momonosuke was cooped up in his room due to a conflict with the minks, though he says that could be for the best.” Luffy asks “where Kin’emon was“, Brook warns him “to not mention samurai or Wano Country here, or they may incur the minks’ wrath.”

002-0031 (1)


Chopper asks Luffy “where Law is, and Luffy says he is in the Whale Forest“. Nami asks Luffy and Zoro “what they should do about Sanji“, but they didn’t seem too concerned angering her. Robin asks Nami to “clarify what happened in the last 11 days.” Nami tells them about the encountered with Big Mom Pirates. She recounts that the crew was confronted by the Big Mom Pirates. They were led by “Pekoms, Tamago, and their ally Capone Bege.”  They were targeting Caesar Clown. It was clear to the crew that the “Sunny could not outrun them.” Brook suggested “they use Coup de Burst“, but no one could operate it.


The Big Mom Pirates began firing cannons. Brook responds by using Soul Solid to freeze them. Chopper collects them in a cloth and “threw it upward,“. Sanji then used Diable Jambe, and kicks them back at the Big Mom Pirates, causing massive damage. Nami uses fog to cover their escape. The Straw Hats are impressed and Nami says that they reached Zou the day afterward. Robin notes that “this happened after the city was destroyed,” and Wanda confirms this, and “that if they had not arrived, everyone in Mokomo Dukedom would likely have been wiped out.” A mink reports that “the prince has awakened,” and the other Minks celebrate.

009 (1)

Prince Inu-Arashi would like to meet the Straw Hat Pirates. Luffy asked, “who Inu-Arashi is.” Wanda him that he is “one of the two kings of the Mokomo Dukedom along with Neko-Mamushi; he is the King of Dawn while Neko-Mamushi is the King of Dusk.” Inu-Arashi had been rendered comatous since the city was destroyed. Meanwhile, Law meets up with his crew. Wanda explains that “the invasion started 17 days ago.” A mammoth ordered the “minks to hand over Raizo of Wano Country.”

010 (1)

So far this arc is unraveling slowly, but I’m enjoying it. I’m glad everyone in the Straw Hat crew is alright. We finally got some clarity regarding how the Straw Hat survived Big Mom and her crew. Most of the blanks in the story has been filled and I was satisfied with what happened. This arc is getting more and more interesting, and I can’t wait until next week.




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