Weekly Shonen (11/05/15)

Fire Brigade of Flames

Chapter 006

Malice to know the truth

Shinra faces off against a mysterious man who claims to have knowledge of his mother and brothers death. At first Shinra believes he may be a trap in the tournament. However, he quickly dismisses the assumption. He demands that no harm comes to the brigade members. The man activates his power as he threatens to “kill” them. Shinra responds by attacking him.

02The man is unharmed by Shinra’s assault, he tells him that if he can “entertain” him he’ll tell him about the fire. Meanwhile, outside we see a new member of the second Brigade. This new member admits that he is actually “afraid” of fire, and that is why he joined the Brigade. His hands light on fire and in a panic he releases a barrage of missile like fire. He destroys the floor of the building, resulting in Mika falling on to of Arthur.


Elsewhere, Shinra and the mysterious man continues to fight. Shinra is surprised by the man’s use of “sand”. The sand explodes and the man dominated Shinra in combat. As he is about to “kill” Shinra, the eerie smile Shinra has appeared on his face. This causes the man to conclude that the “fight” was “better than expected”. He rewards Shinra by telling him, that his brother is still alive.


I not too familiar with these characters yet. Some I’m not really invested in the revelation that Shinra’s brother is still alive. This chapter did introduce some intrigue. How does the mystery man’s sand explode? Is it really gunpowder? Why is the new recruit afraid of his own fire powers? Is Shinra’s mother still alive? Why is his brother? I’m excited to see what the answer are.





One Piece

Chapter 806

At the Belly Fortress

Zou erupts with water, Robin warns Law and the Strawhat crew the they are in danger and they should gain higher ground. Kanjuro and Kinemon use a cat to climb the leg of Zou. They panic as the water comes rushing toward them and the cat begins to melt. Meanwhile, in the whale forest Wanda tells Luffy that the “eruption” is the elephant Zunisha bathes itself in water twice a day.



The “rain” is really just “seawater” and the cities have “filtration devices” that carries water into aqueducts. Carrot notes that fish usually gets sucked up in the water. This means they often don’t go without food. Bepo tells Luffy to inform Law of their whereabouts. Carrot tells Luffy while she bites his ear that Bepo is a native but also a pirate so he’s being watched and can’t leave.


Meanwhile, in the Claw city Usopp is panicked by the sharks found in the flood water. Franky and Robin deduce what Wanda already confirmed about the elephant and it’s behavior. Usopp searches for the others, he locates Luffy as Carrot bites him and panics. Wanda remembers what Jack did while in search of someone. She explains to Luffy that Jack was responsible for an attack on four ships escorting Doflamingo. He was presumed dead and has seemingly survived.


Law uses Shambles and teleports the rest of the Strawhat crew ahead of Luffy and Wanda. The head to the fortress and enter. Chopper wakes up Nami ecstatic that Luffy and the others have arrived. She appears to be sleeping on a large sheep like Mink. Luffy and the other Strawhats are meet with cheers, much to their surprise. Wanda explains that the Minks aren’t “human-hating”, they actually just see humans as “hairless monkey mink’s”. Nami runs towards Luffy and beings to reveal what happened to Sanji.


This chapter was well done. The story progressed nicely and I’m glad that we didn’t have twenty chapters to get the Straw hat crew back together. The character of Jack is an interesting character and it’s unclear when he was “killed”. Not to mention who he’s searching for. I think there’s no chance that Sanji is dead. While Nami was tearful, she wasn’t before she hugged Luffy and neither was Chopper who is very emotional. Overall, another great chapter can’t wait till the next chapter.

17 (1)

03 (1)


Chapter 650

The Theatre Suicide Scene 4

Lille transforms into a more grotesque, but I think better-looking form. Shunsui notes that he didn’t image that Lille would have survived his throat being cut. He seems to resign himself to his defeat. Lille appears to enjoy the “despair” he sees Shunsui. He says that “weapons cannot kill” him, that “he’s immortal” and “he’s invincible”. He believes himself to be “God’s instrument of divine privilege”.

06 (1)

He attacks with an arm he manifests and attacks with a devastating beam of light “Sabaki no Koumyou” toward Shunsui. Lille notices that Shunsui still managed to dodge his attack. Shunsui calls to Sakuranosuke and tells her they may need to escape. She responds that Lille is immune to the Karematsu Shinjuu and they are left without any options. Shunsui appears to fall asleep as someone call for him to “wake up”.

09 (1)

Nanao appears telling Shunsui “not to speak”. She tells him to “bring out her Zanpakutou”, and that there is “no time to hesitate”. She tells him to “forget the promise he made to her mother”. Lille appears behind Nanao and attacks. Both Nanao and Shunsui escapes again, as Lille claims that his “eyes are drying out” and closes them. Shunsui is surprised to hear that Nanao knew about her mother. Shunsui agrees to “give back her Zanpakutou”, Kyoukotsu.

17 (2)

This fight between Shunsui keeps getting more and more exciting. I knew that Shunsui wasn’t going to die, but I’m surprised to the degree that he can still move. Since the second Zanpakutou wasn’t his how could he use it. Does Nanao have a Bankai? Clearly we’ll get some answer next chapter. At least the transformation of Lille into a Dragon with an owl head was better than his previous form. However, that should tell you how bad that form looked.

02 (1)


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