Fairy Tail

Chapter 459 and 460

Weakness & Pegasus Descends

Ezra falls from the wreckage of the airship. Natsu rushes to her rescue and catches her before she hits the ground. While laying on the ground, Ezra raises her fist in triumph causes Natsu to smile. Meanwhile, the pollen stirred up by Ajeel’s sandstorm causes Brandish to become overcome with hay fever. Cana takes advantage of this opening and knocks her out. Gray and the other’s encounter Wahl Icht and his robot’s. The robot’s begin to attack and it quickly becomes clear to Gray that the robot’s all are exploiting their weaknesses.

001 (1)

Wahl Icht explains that his power is “weakness”. As its name indicates his magic allows for the creation of robot’s that can exploit his enemies weaknesses. Elsewhere, at the Kardia Grand Cathedral Freed, Evergreen and Bickslow encounter Icht. Icht creates some weakness robot’s and they counter their magic. When Evergreen uses her Stone Eye’s it fails. Icht reveals that he is also a Machina (machine race). Ichiya uses his Thunder Perfume to attack surprising everyone.


Icht analyzes Ichiya and determines all of his many weaknesses. He concludes that Ichiya has too many weaknesses to focus on. Ichiya uses his Thunder Parfum: Direct Inhalation technique, followed by Manly Thunderbolt of Justice. Icht tells Ichiya that he is immune to electric magic and has conquered his own weakness. He counters with Vortex Charge, then transforms into a new form. At Laxus’s request, Freed maintains his Jutsu Shiki  barrier. Laxus tells Freed that he was coming to aid him.


Elfman requests that they switch and battle against the opposite robots. Before Icht kills Freed, Natsu reveals that the army of the west was defeated. This allowed Freed to release his barrier and go on the fun offensive. At the same time, Ichiya uses his ability and together they defeat Icht. The Fairy Tail Guild rejoices as they survived the first assault. I’m just getting back into Fairy Tail and I enjoying this series again. I will be reviewing Fairy Tail for now on. 



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