Weekly Shonen (10/29/15)

One Piece

Chapter 805

The Mink Race

We pick up right where we left off in the last chapter. Usopp and Franky are still unclear on “what” the Mink are. In order to get a better view, Carrot leaps high into the air showing off impressive ability. She’s able to locate Luffy fighting in Whale Forest. Wanda  tells the Strawhats the rest of the crew is dead in Right Belly Forest. Zoro and the others (except Usopp) calm down as they don’t believe that their comrades would die easily.


Law uses his vivre card to locate his crewmate Bepo. Bepo is a Polar Bear and also a member of the Mink tribe. Meanwhile, Bepo begs Luffy and Bull Mink Roddy to stop fighting. A Gorilla named BB (Blackback) wonders why the “electro” isn’t affecting Luffy. Jean Bart attempts to stop the fight, but he is stopped by BB. Carrot and Wanda arrive and pacify BB and Roddy with a banana and cape respectively. Wanda gets the guardians to “fall back” and tells Luffy he’s lucky the moon wasn’t out.


Luffy tells Bepo and the rest of the Heart Pirates that Law is alive. The other Strawhats search Crow city searching for signs of life. They find evidence of foul play. They conclude that something happened in the last week or two to cause the city to fall into ruin. Wanda reveals to Luffy that Jack is responsible for the damage found in the country. An earthquake erupts as Wanda tells Luffy that she will take him to his friends.


The Mink tribe seems to be a very powerful race. It is unclear how they became human beast or if they are born that way. We get very little explained but are left with more questions. Who’s Jack and why did he rampage? What happened to Crow city? What became of the other Strawhats? One thing I know for sure none of the Strawhats had been killed.




Chapter 649

The Theater Suicide Scene 3

Lille fails to swim to the surface and he begins to panic. Shunsui tells him that he “literally threw them into the deep end to drown“. He states that he is in the “same boat” as Lille. He said that “one’s body temperature and resolve both go down upon hitting the cold water“. Shunsui asks his Zanpakuto spirit, Sakuranosuke, if “he is right about there being a man who could not keep his promise and a woman who could not forget her love for him“.


She accuses Shunsui of being an “ass kisser”, as he compliments her. Sakuranosuke notes that Shunsui is injured before claiming that “this is what he gets for wearing another woman’s clothing“. She states that “she has sworn to remain by Shunsui’s side until the end because she is his sword“. Lille asks Shunsui “who he is talking to” as he asks Shunsui “if he thought this was enough to defeat him“. He states that a Shinigami’s Bankai isn’t enough to defeat him.


Lille rushes toward Shunsui, who notes that “the light at the end of the tunnel is the thread of regret as he circles a white thread around Lille’s neck“. Shunsui uses his “Final Dan” as he decapitates Lille with “Thread cutting shears, bloodstained windpipe”. Lille’s body sinks further into the abyss, as Shunsui begins coffin up blood. He falls backward into the lap of Sakuranosuke. Sakuranosuke,  states that they “both look and act very similar before noting that they have won“. However, they conversation is interrupted when Lille delivers a blast piercing through Shunsui’s chest. A face of energy appears as Lille reminds Shunsui that “a Shinigami’s Bankai cannot kill him“.


Wow. I have to admit that I was surprised at the twist at the end of this chapter. Shunsui’s Bankai seemed to be so powerful that Lille didn’t stand a chance. Now the fight between them has gotten very interesting. Would Kubo kill off two Captain Commanders in the series? If you watch the filler anime you would be aware that his Bankai has two females. Where does she fit in? I’ll admit that I don’t care for Lille at all and there is no way Shunsui dies. Someone saves him either it’s his second katana or Nanao. However, a fight I thought was rushed now has much more going for it.




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