Fire Brigade of Flames



Fire Brigade of Flames is a new manga series (in week 6) serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. It’s written and illustrated by Atsushi Okubo, the creator of the Soul Eater series. In the series, humans are susceptible to the “human combustion phenomenon“. Humans appear to randomly bursts into flames. It’s currently unknown whom will become engulfed in flames or when it will occur. The 8th Special Fire Brigade are tasked with extinguishing the “Flame Humans” and the purifying of their souls.


  • Flame Human – is a first generation victim of the Human Combustion Phenomenon. The Flame Humans become mindless and aggressive. They’re capable of throwing fireballs and gain increases in strength and speed. Their appearance charred while engulfed in flames. The only way to kill a Flame Human is to “attack their core in the chest”, humans pray for the purification of the human victims.
  • The second generation – have an adaptation to the flames and can manipulate and control them. They can alter the flames of the first and third generation.
  • The third generation – are the most advanced fire users. Unlike the second generation, they can ignite flames at any time. The appears to currently be a limitation on this ability. Mainly the user must focus on a single object.



  • Shinra Kusakabe – Shira is a teenager that hopes to become a hero. He has an odd smile, he grins at inappropriate times. He is a “third generation“, he apply’s fire to his feet. This allows him to run at faster speeds and jump greater distances. He leaves ashes in the form of footprints, resulting in the nickname Demon’s Footprints. As a child, Shinra’s home burned down, killing his brother and mother. He was considered to be responsible and was perceived as being monstrous.
  • Arthur Boyle – is another third generation. He’s arrogant, disrespectful and is obsessed with knighthood. He and Shinra are rivals and tend to constantly bicker. He has mastered his abilities to the point that he can generate fire to the fourth state of matter, plasma.
  • Akitaru Obi – is the 8th Special Fire Brigade Battalion Commander. He is brave and exercise often. He trains daily so that he is successful helping people.
  • Maki Oze – is a second generation, first class fire officer in the 8th Special Fire Brigade. She is a hopeless romantic and an exceptional fighter.
  • Takehisa Hinawa – is another second generation. He’s the Company Commander of the 8th Special Fire Brigade. He’s tough on his comrades.
  • Iris – the Sister of the Holy Sol Temple. She’s very kind and has an almost sisterly relationship with Maki. Unlike her comrades she has no fighting capability.


Weapons & Abilities

  • Two-Style Fire Fighting Axe Revision (The Thrusting) – the user covers the axe with white steam and stabs a Flame Human in their core. (Debut Chapter#01)
  • Special Fire Extinguishing Bullet – a gun that shoots pressurised foam bullets. The foam dissolves the flames by surrounding the target. (Debut Chapter #00)
  • Pusupusu – utilizing a pre-existing source of fire, a second generation can create a sentient flame. In combination with Meramera a gigantic fireball can be created.
  • Meramera – similar to Pusupusu. (Debut Chapter #02)
  • Nekomata – a third generation can create flames around their body giving the appearance of a cat. Their speed and movement is increased. (Debut Chapter #05)



So far we only have 6 chapters. We are introduced to the characters and told about the dangers that the 8th Special Fire Brigade. The Brigade has completed three missions.

  1. Suppress a Flame Human in the Train Station. We are first introduced to the Brigade as they extinguished (kill) a man that attacks the train station.
  2. Rescue a factory employee. In the Torigoe District the Brigade (now with Shinra) attempt to stop a man’s wife named Saeko. Shinra shows off some of his ability when he single handily defeats her.
  3. Stop Mikako’s father. In the Iriya district, Mikako’s father becomes a Flame Human. Her mother became one the previous year. Her father behaved oddly, not moving at all. This allowed Arthur to easily kill him. However, a mysterious third party seems to have interfered in this mission attempting to injure the Brigade.



So far I’m enjoying this series. I loved Soul Eater and this series appears to feature some of the elements of Soul Eater. I’m already engrossed in the story and curious how the plot plays out. The current abilities are a little lackluster, however, I imagine that this will change over time. The art style of Atsushi Okubo remains unique. I love his use of shading which creates dynamic art. I will be reviewing this series on a weekly basis. Hopefully, you’ll check out this series and enjoy it like I do.




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