Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)


One Piece

Chapter 804

Adventure in the Country on the back of an Elephant

Raizou the ninja falls from the sky, knocking Kinemon and Kanjuro off of Ryuunosuke. They quickly announce that they are fine. Ryuunosuke seemed incapable of turning around to retrieve them so the Strawhat crew continue forward. Ryuunosuke struggles to climb the elephant but manages to succeed. It is praised for a valiant effort and appears pleased as it disappears.


Everyone mourn’s Ryuunosuke, except Zoro and Law. Luffy’s marvels at the site of the towns. Zoro and the others notice that the entry gates have been smashed open. The landscape appears to have been destroyed by a large beast. Zoro is quickly attacked by a “Bunny Girl” named Carrot. Carrot attacks Zoro and manage’s to dodge his attack while in mid-air. 


Her fellow “mink’s women”, comes crashing out of the forest. She tells Carrot that the are needed in the “Whale forest”. Usopp realizes that she is wearing Nami’s clothing. This chapter was a nice introduction to the land of Zou. I liked the comedy that appeared in this chapter that is typical of series. The minkmen’s animal like appearance is curious. Are they like the fishmen? Are the devil fruit users? What happened to Nami? I’m getting excited for the future of this arc.






Chapter 648

The Theater Suicided Scene 2

Shunsui finally reveals his Bankai. However, first we get some conflict between Askin and Ichigo. Askin confirms that while he didn’t “kill” Grimmjow, he did defeat him somehow. Clearly, Askin needs to be defeated by someone that fights differently than Grimmjow or Ichigo. I have no idea who that person would be, but Grimmjow’s fighting style does seem to match Askin’s. Anyway, while they were talking the notice a change in the environment. This causes Ichigo to wonder what’s going on with Shunsui.



Meanwhile, Lille appearance changes but notes that the “skies have darkened“. Shunsui asks him to “tell him what the world around him looks like to him“. Lille states that “it has gotten a little darker“. Lille appears unafraid as he flies into the air, he proclaims “that a messenger of God feels no fear“. He breaks off part of the city as he attacks Shunsui. Lille decides that if he kills Shunsui then the effect of the Bankai will end. He is stunned that he has sustained wounds identical to Shunsui’s. Shunsui reveals that this is the first stage (Dan) is called “Hesitating sharing of the wound”. This stage has the effect of causing any wounds that are inflicted on the opponent to be shared and the opponent will be unable to die.



Shunsui quickly activates his second Dan “Bed of Shame”. This stage causes his opponent to be “stricken with an incurable disease”. He then reveals his third Dan, “Dangyo’s Abyss”. Shunsui and Lille are engulfed in a cube of water waiting for their reiatsu to expire. This chapter felt rushed. I could have done without the Askin update. However, we do get to see Shunsui’s Bankai and it is powerful. It appears to counter said power by being a double edge sword. Is this the limit of his Bankai? Are there more Dan’s? Will he die to kill Lille? Hopefully we’ll get an answer in the next few chapters.




3 thoughts on “Weekly Shonen (10/22/15)

  1. I enjoyed Bleach this week. I’m guessing the Bankai is a double edged sword because in the first instance he has to take damage to inflict it, meaning risking being killed in order to achiee the same damage. The same seems to apply in the third part: he risks drowning to achieve the same effect with his foe. Good stuff 🙂

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