Weekly Shonen (10/16/15)


Chapter 647

The Theater Suicide

This chapter was mostly written to step up the fight between Gerard Valkyrie and Renji. Most importantly we are finally going to see the elusive Bankai of Captain Commander Shunsui. We begin the chapter with Shunsui attempting to escape from the attacks of Lille. He jumps from building to building, admitting that “he did not think he could run so far with his injuries“. Shunsui leaps through a window to dodge another attack, only for Lille to teleport in front of him. Shunsui uses a blade of Kido, using Hado #78. Zangerin destroying the top of the building.


Meanwhile, Shinji and the others get close to reaching Wahrwelt. However, they are intercepted when Gerard Valkyrie crashes before them. He commends them for “making it this far“. Gerard tells them that in order to move forward they must defeat him. Renji uses Zabimaru to wrap around his arm. He proclaims that they should “argue” with him but give him the what he wants. Shinji and the others attempt to move along, however, Gerard uses his cape to block their path. He tells them that they must fight him together.


Shunsui is surprised that his kido had no effect on Lille. Over the course of his fight, Shunsui has managed to get far enough from the other shinigami. He apologizing to Nanao if she gets “caught up in this”. Shunsui finally activates his Bankai, Katen Kyokotsu: Kuromatsu Shinju. Many fans of Bleach have been waiting for the release of Shunsui’s Bankai and we’ll finally get it. I can’t shake the feeling that this fight between Shunsui and Lille was short. I guessing Kubo decided that because of the length of the Mayuri fight he couldn’t have two long fights back to back. This fight will likely conclude in the next two chapter’s. What I’m most interested in is what his Bankai actually does and judging from his demeanor it could cost him his life.



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