One Piece (Weekly Shonen)

Chapter 803

Climbing the Elephant

Zoro tells the crew to “pipe down”, as they come upon “Thousand Sunny”. They’re relieved to see that the ship is still intact and the rest of the crew seems to have disembarked. Bartolomeo bids a farewell to the Strawhats which disappointed me. I was hoping he would join the Strawhat’s on a more permanent basis. While he delivers an over dramatic goodbye, he is thoroughly ignored as they are distracted by whether Kanjuro created a snake or a dragon. Kanjuro’s “dragon” can’t fly as the Strawhat’s climb on Luffy tell’s Bartolomeo thank you.


Meanwhile, we head to the Grand Line at the Baltico as Monkey D. Dragon and Koala discuss the fallout from Donquixote Families defeat. Drago warns against complacency as the World Government will never tolerate what currently occurs and the strength of Cipher Pol has increased. Koala tells Dragon about the rare metal found in Dressrosa weapons called Liquor Iron Core. The leaders of the Revolutionary armies will be summoned per Dragons command.


In the new world, we join the Blackbeard Crew as they contact Burress searching for his location. In a shocking twist apparently he managed to stow away on Sabo’s ship and has found the location of the Revolutionary army. Meanwhile, Buggy has established a “Pirate Dispatch Company”, that’s taking advantage of Doflamingo’s defeat. In another stunning turn of events, Buggy is now a member of the Royal Shichibukai. Next week One Piece will take a break leaving us wanting more.


This chapter features no action, but I have to say that I’m more excited about the potential of the new revelations in this chapter. So far Oda has set up potential battles, 3 Supernovas verses Kaido, and Blackbeard Pirates versus Revolutionary army. It’s unlikely that either Blackbeard, Dragon or Sabo will die in this potential conflict. However, we could get to see the power Blackbeard has developed and how strong Dragon currently is. This fight feels premature and I’ll image it either won’t happen at all or the fight will get interrupted. Regardless, Oda has set One Piece on a course for exciting new arcs.

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