Bleach (Weekly Shonen)

Chapter 646

The Second Eye

Shinji decides that they should leave Shunsui behind, to face off against Lille. He reminds them both of Ukitake and Yamamoto, and what would they think of the situation. He say’s that Shunsui’s burden is now to care for all his soldiers. Meanwhile, Lille and Shunsui continue their fight. He asks Shunsui if “he thought he could harm him at close-range, only for Shunsui to reveal that he already did as more than half of Lille’s rifle falls off“. Shunsui admits that “he wanted to take off Lille’s arm“, Lille leaps back before reforming his rifle.


He calls his rifle Diagram and tells Shunsui that it is “made from Reishi“. Shunsui notes “that this is how he can keep fighting even after it is broken“. He appears behind Lille and slashes, Lille dodges. Shunsui reminds him that “losing sight of him means Lille could be tricked by an illusion“. Shunsui reminds Lille of the shadow game they’re playing, as copies of himself appear above Lille attempting to stab him.


However, Lille states that “this is the third time while opening his left eye before“, he explains that “having both his eyes open allows him to use The X-Axis, which allows him to pierce anything with his rifle and go through anything with his body“. Shunsui asks Lille “if this means the rules of his game will not apply“. Lille claims that he can’t no longer be harmed. He states that it is a limited effect. Lille reveals that “he is permitted to keep both his eyes open until the end of a battle if he is forced to open them three times“. He explains how “he is the last Quincy to have his power granted to him by Yhwach and proclaims that opening his eyes three times is unheard of“.


He activates his Quincy: Vollständig, Zyrael, and shooting Shunsui, who can’t manage to move. The fight between Shunsui and Lille started out entertaining but has taken a turn in this chapter. I think the fight has stalled. Lille’s third eye power doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. While I expected him to use Vollstandig rather quickly, I’m surprised it occurred in the next chapter. However, his Vollstandig ability does appear to be interesting. Off course Shunsui not going to die and will most likely use his Bankai, and that I can’t wait to see. 



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