One Piece

Chapter 802


Luffy and his crew head for Zou. They encounter bad weather and rough seas. They are without their navigator (Nami) and begin to panic. Zoro tells Bartolomeo to create a barrier and he agrees to follow Zoro’s orders. We are introduced to a new character named Edward Weeble and his mother Miss Bucking. They are interesting characters. Weeble is the newest member of the Shikibukai. He formerly had the bounty of over 400 million Beli. Kizaru claims that Weeble’s strength rivals that of Whitebeard before he got his devil fruit.


As for Weeble, he appears to be quite dumb. His mother clearly is the one manipulating her son. Miss Bucking seems to be motivated by nothing more than money, which is probably why she made up this idea that Weeble is Whitebeard’s son. We skip a week and Luffy’s crew arrive a the island called Zou. Zou is a giant elephant that has an island on it. There’s reportedly a tribe called the “Mink tribe” that has been living on the island for 1000 years without human contact. While I miss the action of One Piece, I always love the worldbuilding in-between. It should be exciting.




Chapter 645

Don’t Chase a Shadow

One of the aspects of the Bleach series that I was drawn to is the variety of powerful and interesting Captains. Shunsui has to be the top of my lists of top Captains. He has always had a lay back personality. I find that his often casual manner of speaking to be appealing. He can sometimes come across as being disinterested in his opponents, but he’s always respectful of them. Shunsui is one of several Captain or Captain level characters that have yet to show their Bankai.

During his battle against Stark, he showed off some of his shikai’s abilities. His shikai’s main ability is to “make kids games real”. The games that were introduced previously was Bushogoma, Takaoni, Kageoni, and Irooni. In this chapter, the games Duruma-san Ga Koronda and Kagekuri are revealed. I’ll admit I was confused by the rules of Duruma, but so far I understand that you call out a “phrase” repeatedly if you “it”. The rules are as follows:

  1. Whoever is “It” must be in a place where they can be seen by all the other players.
  2. If the players are seen moving by whoever is “It” then they lose.
  3. If the other players can touch whoever is “It” before they’re seen, they win.



The second game Kagekuri is more simple, if you start “starring hard enough at your shadow, you can project an afterimage onto a different location. If someone with a lot of Reikaku is looking then, an extremely life-like afterimage would be left behind“. The number of “games” Shunsui has at his exposal is currently unclear. However, he seems to be able to almost instantly switch between them, changing the rules on the fly. This makes him a formidable opponent.

Lille Barro is mostly unknown he claims that his power simply “pierces through everything and anything”. I don’t think that his power is that simple but if he can’t land any hits on Shunsui he’ll get slaughtered. I always assumed that Shunsui would fight Haschwalth. While that could still happen I’m starting to believe that Urahara will defeat him instead. Regardless, I love Shunsui’s style of fighting and while he explained his powers again (like most characters seem to) I don’t think it will cost him.



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