The Artifice and Tides

What is “The Artifice”?

The Artifice is an online platform that covers film, TV, animation, anime, manga and many other forms of art. According to Alyson Burston, The Artifice “is collaboratively built and maintained by the writers. The platform has an established audience of millions”.

What is “Tides”?

The Artifice has just “implemented a new feature on the platform called Tides”. Tides according to Burston is a “collection of great content published outside of the platform. The stream of content is curated by the community. Think of it like an exciting mashup of Reddit and a collaborative publication“.

Tides allow’s you to post a link to your Anime/Manga blog entry. The post will be “presented within the anime category and relevant anime pages where users can upvote and comment the link“.  Without any cost, you could utilize this platform to gain a larger audience for your blog. Currently, the only opened submissions are for Anime and Manga posts. However, with success the submissions could expand to other categories.

Something to keep in mind, Miss Burston suggested that when “submitting a tide, in the 200 word description field, do not reuse sentences, structures, or phrases that is already written in the source article. Make sure it is fresh and unique content that is written exclusively for the platform“.

I thought I would share with my fellow ani-bloggers this potential helpful opportunity. Give it a try sign up here:


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