One Piece (Weekly Shonen)


Chapter 800

An Underling’s Vow

Luffy is offered alcohol as a symbol of his new leadership. Luffy tells them that he doesn’t like alcohol. He asks whether this will make him Captain Commander of the Grand Fleet. Bartolomeo confirms his question. While Luffy’s dismissal of becoming a “Big shot” pirate isn’t surprising, the fact that he wants to become “Pirate King” seems silly considering that would make him the leader of ALL pirates.


The response from the fleet when her reveals this is comical. More in line with his personality Luffy tells the fleet that whenever they need each other they simply need to call.  Bartolomeo realizes that Luffy’s “idea of a Pirate King isn’t an important person, but rather someone who is free“, and cries. They are surprisingly attacked by allies of Doflamingo seeking to capture Luffy for his bounty.


Fujitora drops the debris he was holding in the sky on them, giving Luffy a parting “gift”. The “Straw Hat Grand Fleet” is formed, as the seven captains pledge their allegiance to Luffy and drink sake. Luffy is angry that he didn’t get a slip of sake. Sai tells him “that that is how it should be since they selfishly pledged allegiance to him while Luffy would have no obligations toward them“. Luffy and the other celebrate as they flee Dressrosa.


My prediction for this chapter was accurate. I knew that Luffy wasn’t going to be open to being a leader of a large fleet Whitebeard style. However, I did predict that he would still become the defacto leader due to the fleet insistence on following him regardless of his apprehension. I’m excited for how this arc ended and what is to come in the future.




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