Weekly Shonen (09/10/15)


Chapter 642

Baby, Hold Your Hand 5 [Eyes Are Open]

We get the dreaded (backstory because I’m going die), regarding Nemu. Akon explains the history and failure of previous versions of Nemu. He said that the Nemuri Project kept failing until the fourth, then the fifth one reached the embryo stage allowing Mayuri to become captain, by modifying his Zanpakuto and achieving Bankai.


The sixth version of Nemu died at the age of 2. Akon reveals that Mayuri was “happy” when she survived. Meanwhile, in the present Nemu leaps of the ground, she recalls a conversation with Akon. She asked him “why Mayuri did not call her by her real name“, Akon claims that “he did not know before theorizing that Mayuri was embarrassed because he believed the Nemuri Project was not the dream of a waking Shinigami. Akon went on to explain that Nemu was to grow and learn every day, which would embarrass Mayuri should she learn of it herself“.


Nemu blasts through one of the Pernida clones, leaving it in pieces. She rescues Mayuri in the process, much to his dismay. Mayuri wonders and demands to know where “all this power came from“. Nemu says that “she manually increased the power of her body in exchange for speeding up its decomposition and that this is part of her mission to protect him“. Mayuri seems to have a problem with Nemu fighting for him. Nemu shoots “6% of her soul” into Pernida using Gikon Jurinju.


Let’s be honest here, Nemu has been given the kiss of death with that flashback. While, I’m interested in seeing Nemu’s powers and hopefully Bankai, I don’t care if she dies. However, I think Mayuri will (in his on sick way), and respond with rage. That said her backstory was interesting. I had assumed based on what Mayuri said in previous chapters that ALL the previous Nemu’s made it to adulthood, and this version was just the latest. However, it appears that the Nemu we have seen in the series is the same one we see currently. Hopefully, she puts up a good fight.



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