Weekly Shonen (09/03/15)

One Piece

Chapter 799

Parent and Child


Is Luffy the next Whitebeard? Many fans of One Piece have speculated who will be the next to join the Strawhat Crew. Some speculated that Rebecca would be the one, I thought Bartolomeo would be the one. Apparently, some 5,000 pirates from the Colosseum are hoping to join under the “Strawhat banner”. I couldn’t hold in my excitement at the potential of this occurrence.06-07

However, I don’t think Luffy will accept their offer to be his subordinates. It feels against his nature to be the leader of such a large group. While Luffy is the clear leader of the Strawhat Crew and is treated as such, he doesn’t lead quite the same way others seem to. Furthermore, I don’t think Oda could write all of those characters into the series simultaneously. I’m going to guess that if Luffy does allow them to join, they will go their separate ways and arrive when needed.


A similar thing happened with Whitebeards crew. They would disperse and travel separately, returning when calling for them like when Ace was going to be executed. That said if Luffy does what I’m predicting, they will all probably still follow him. If anyone deserves a fleet it’s Luffy. During this arc, Luffy has transcended his reputation as just a notorious pirate. He has become more influential, from Fujitora, the civilians of Dressrosa, to the colosseum gladiators. Next week, One piece will be on hiatus, I just can’t wait to see what chapter 800 will bring.




Chapter 641

Baby, Hold your hand 4 – When I am sleeping


Something happened in this chapter that has changed my view of this fight. I’m starting to feel concern for Mayuri. As ridiculous as Pernida appearance is, he’s turning out to be a worthy opponent of Mayuri. All the preparation that Mayuri has become known for has failed him. His newly structured Bankai wasn’t as effective as he predicted.


I’m predicting that Nemu finally steps up to save Mayuri. Mayuri usually relegates her to assistant status during his fights. However, this time I don’t think he can afford to do so. If this is the seventh model of Nemu, I would imagine that she is stronger than the previous versions. While her dedication to Mayuri appears to be unquestionable, she is showing some signs of independence.

13 (1)

Pernida evolving as he absorbs through his nerves is making him into a formidable opponent. How will Mayuri and Nemu solve this? Mayuri forms of attack haven’t worked. Could Nemu finally use her own Zanpakuto? She doesn’t seem to carry it with her at all, but I would love to see her Zanpakuto. At this point, I don’t see Mayuri surviving without help. The question is will he accept it, or will his ego result in his demise.

17 (1)


4 thoughts on “Weekly Shonen (09/03/15)

  1. Right at the end we see Nemu jump, could this be that as Mayuri is facing Nemu, Pernida will attack and thus try to kill Mayuri. But in fact Nemu will force herself into the middle in an effort to save Mayuri?

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    1. I think she will likely try to save him. However, Mayuri seems to hate when she does that. I think he hate’s the idea that he needs anyone’s help and it might get him killed.


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