Weekly Shonen (08/27/15)


One Piece

Chapter 798


Vice Admiral Bastille ask “where the reinforcements that he called to be sent to the eastern port“. The Marines respond by saying that “they cannot because all their weapons and ammunition are gone” and “most of the squads have been put out of commission”. It is revealed that the Tontattas have stolen the equipment of the Marines. The Tontattas have also tied the Marines ships together, and the Marines have been “knocked down“.


Mansherry questions whether it is “all right to keep getting donations from the Marines since the donations will cause them to collapse, but Maujii replies that that was the plan orchestrated by Kyros“. Luffy is heading towards the Eastern Port, as his fellow pirates fight off the Marines. Bartolomeo uses a barrier to stop Fujitora.


Law and Sengoku talk about “Rosinante”, Sengoku flashes back to Rosinante telling him about Law. Sengoku tells Law that “Rosinante was like a son for him and that he raised him to become a good person. While Rosinante was a firm believer of justice, he lied to Sengoku about the fact that he was going for the Ope Ope no Mi. When he received a report about Rosinante’s death, he broke down in tears for the loss of his son. He knew that the reason why he was lied had to be an important one“.


Sengoku tells Law that “four things were lost that day: the Barrels Pirates, Rosinante’s life, the Ope Ope no Mi, and the boy with Amber Lead disease“. Law reveals that he was the boy with the “Amber Lead disease”. Law asks Sengoku about the will of D. Sengoku claims that “Rosinante did not do it because Law was a D., but because he really loved him“. He tells Law to “remember Rosinante and that he should keep living, something Rosinante would have said as well“.


Rubble starts filling the sky, as Fujitora begins his attack against the pirates. Riku Dold III, Viola, Tank Lepanto, Rebecca, Kyros, and the Tontatta panic. Law heads towards the eastern port. The pirates begin to flee when they see Luffy arriving, telling him to “dodge Fujitora“. However, Luffy uses Elephant Gun on Fujitora. He claims that “he won’t run away anymore like he once did and he would face down any admiral or Yonko in his way, as it is what the Pirate King would do“.




Chapter 640

Baby, hold your hand 3 (Mad Lullaby no.7)

Mayuri asks Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo “how its stomach feels“. Mayuri notes that “Pernida would have multiplied within it had it been bitten“. Mayuri is surprised when Ashisogi is destroyed from inside. Pernida fires a Heilig Pfeil, Mayuri dodges the attack as Pernida reminds him that “he’s a Quincy“. This seems to amused Mayuri that by “the left arm of the Soul King calling itself a Quincy, prompting Pernida to question what is wrong with this“.

Mayuri is surprised by the change in Pernida’s speech pattern. He realizes that Pernida’s vocabulary is becoming more and more sophisticated. Pernida creates a Heilig Bogen over each of its fingertips and fires the arrows at Mayuri. He avoids them but notices that Pernida has “attached its nerves to the Heilig Pfeil“. The nerves on one of the Heilig Pfeil destroy’s Mayuri’s left arm.


He sees an “arrow being redirected toward his back”, by the nerves on the ground. Nemu grabs the arrow and severs her own arm. Mayuri grabs her by the hair moving her to a safer location. Mayuri berates her for “intervening” without his consent. Nemu admits that “she does not know why she did this“. Mayuri addresses her as “Nemuri Nanago“, before telling her “that creating and raising another one of her would be exceedingly difficult“.

10 (1)


Will Luffy versus Fujitora happen? It seems like it might. However, I do find it hard to believe that he will engage in the full fight against Fujitora. He isn’t in full health after his taxing battle against Doflamingo. I imagine that he will escape or be forced to. However, it would be interesting to see him battle against Fujitora.

We took a more dramatic turn in the battle between Pernida and Mayuri. Unsurprisingly, Pernida was not defeated by Ashisogi. Ashisogi almost never seems to consume its enemies. At this point, Mayuri shouldn’t bother doing that anymore. However, it is curious that Pernida’s doesn’t seem to consider himself part of the SoulKing. Right now Pernida’s has the upper hand (lol, get it).


Nemu has often been regulated to a minor character. While she occasionally helps its always at te behest of Mayuri. We already know that Nemu was “created”, now we find out that she is the seventh version of Nemu. I don’t think that Nemu has enough freedom to betray Mayuri, otherwise she would have done so already. However, it seems clear that she is developing some freedom. Whether she steps up a fight’s along his side remains to be seen. I personally, hoping that she does. I’m curious whether she has a Bankai or not. Hopefully, we will find out.



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