Weekly Shonen (8/20/2015)

One Piece

Chapter 797


Zoro tells Luffy that “they were short on time”, he says that Luffy should hurry up. Meanwhile, at the Military tent, Bastille is discussing with his troops about the pirates and contacts the east unit. However, this unit was defeated by the Colosseum gladiators. Bastille sends Marines to eastern port. Cavendish, Sai, Baby 5, Hajrudin, Blue Gilly and Suleiman back up the Straw Hats, Bartolomeo and Bellamy attempt to stop the Marines.


Meanwhile, Luffy screams in search for Rebecca, he alerts the Marines to his presence and they chase him. Rebecca thanks Luffy, but he asks her “if she is okay with Kyros leaving her forever“. Rebecca remembers the letter she was given by her father. She asks Luffy if he “believes that Kyros thinks of her as a burden, but he replies that he doesn’t know and only wanted to ask Rebecca if she was okay with it“. Rebecca reveals that “she was never okay with it” and she leaves with Luffy.


The civilians see Luffy as now “just another Pirate”. The civilians panic as they believe that Luffy is “an evil pirate who kidnapped the princess for a ransom“. Gatz is surprised but does hate Luffy. Vice Admiral Maynard says “that was what happens when you shelter pirates“. The snipers try to shoot him, but they fall due to Haoshoku Haki being used. Luffy tells Rebecca  that “he will leave her on the back side of the hill while leading the troops away, noting that she will be on her own after that and reminding her that if she is caught, she will be taken back to the palace“.


The citizens of Dressrosa feel betrayed by Luffy and swearing to “never trust pirates again“. Meanwhile, Rebecca arrives at Kyros home and she tells him to “stop lying, and Kyros reminds her that he is a murderer“. She claims that “she does not care for her royal status as her family and happiness are much more important“. She proudly claims “she is the child of Kyros and nobody else, wanting to fulfill her promise“. Rebecca hugs Kyros, who begins to cry tears. Rebecca has decided that they should “live together”. Viola tells her father that “Rebecca is leaving“. Riku responds by laughing saying that Rebecca “is a lot like Scarlett“. The Straw Hats reach the east port, as Luffy heads toward them, Bartolomeo sees Fujitora coming towards them.




Chapter 639

Baby, Hold your hand 2

Mayuri admits that “it has been a while since he operated on his arm“, Pernida asks him “if he is nervous“. Pernida’s severed finger becomes another hand, it leaps toward Mayuri, who blasts it away. Mayuri notes that “it will be hard to take pieces of Pernida back if it keeps reproducing itself“, Pernida rips of its middle finger, which becomes another hand. Mayuri remembers reading “that the right arm of the Soul King is responsible for “stopping” and the left arm is responsible for “advancing. Mayuri states that “he never thought he would be able to prove this knowledge“.


Mayuri activates his Bankai, Yumichika rushes to remove Kenpachi from the way of Mayuri’s Bankai to avoid the poisoned. Mayuri basically states that he will not be using poison. He claims that “he now has enough information to give birth” to “it“. He reveals a new Bankai, Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo: Makai Fukuin Shotai. He then explains that this is a “modified version of his Bankai that can give birth to other Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo“.


Mayuri has his Bankai “give birth” to Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo with visible veins across its body. Mayuri says that this is a version “with nerves on the surface of its body“. Pernida uses it nerves on Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo, but Mayuri explains that “the nerves are divided into 70000 layers, which will peel off if taken control of“. The new Konjiki Ashisogi Jizo devours Pernida and the other two hands. Meanwhile, Nemu watches from a distance.



The current arc in One Piece is coming to a nice close. I don’t know what the consequences of Luffy helping Rebecca will be, but it’s unfortunate that Luffy good will that he established with the citizens was lost. However, I guess it was a decision that Luffy made for a good reason. I don’t think that Luffy will be fighting against Fujitora. I do think that some of the Colosseum Gladiators, maybe even Bartolomeo will be killed or captured.

Mayuri fight with Pernida takes it to another level. Mayuri has always had a weird, if not grotesque Bankai. The original Bankai Ashisogi Jizo , a baby head on a Caterpillar body, was kinda gross. His new Bankai is both grotesque and cool. Mayuri has always been a weird, Mad scientist type his Bankai has always been an extension of this. I though the design of the Bankai was cool though. However, I don’t think that Pernida is dead yet. I wonder what will happen next?



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