Will Mobile-Gaming save Nintendo?

Connor Cochrane

Of the big three companies still making video game consoles, Nintendo are the veterans. Having seen Sega and Atari collapse over the years, it is far from impossible for an established console maker to struggle and fail.

Just as Sega’s consoles diminished in returns with each iteration between the Megadrive and Dreamcast, every Nintendo home console since the NES sold less and less… until the Wii came along.

Though the console ran out of steam at the end of its life, the Wii was a sensation early on. The console had sales comparable to the Sony Playstation, shifting over 101 million units. It looked like Nintendo had been resurrected, but the successor, the Wii U, did less than just fail to match the Wii. With sales lower than the Nintendo Gamecube, Wii U has sold 9.20 million units so far, while the GameCube sold 21.74 million in its lifetime.


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2 thoughts on “Will Mobile-Gaming save Nintendo?

  1. Maybe Nintendo needs to get into the cell phone making business. Turn the gameboy into a phone or something
    : )
    Will we be able to make calls from the new “3DS-XLHD–enhanced version”.


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