Dark Souls III Is Everything You Need It To Be

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darksouls-3So with Gamescom 2015 ending last week, I thought I’d cover on one of the games that I’m really looking forward to- Dark Souls III. I was introduced to this series by a friend of mine and have been in love with it ever since. With a unique play style that revolves around death and overcoming ultimate challenges, the Dark Souls series combines action with RPG in a perfect fusion of chaos and glory, as you struggle to survive in a world that’s doing its best to kill you. While the game is full of rage-worthy moments (I’m a pretty patient person, but even I have been tempted to throw my controller at the TV at times…) the moments when you finally overcome an obstacle heavily outweigh the pain and misery you’ve endured up until that point. You know, for those of you who haven given up already.


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