Naruto Special Gaiden: Boruto, Naruto the Movie

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Hinata tells her children Himawari and Boruto to wake their father, Naruto. Himawari tries to wake her father up gently. Boruto, tells her that she can’t wake her father up in that “cutesy” manner. He then proceeds to jump on his fathers stomach. Hinata offers to pick up his Hokage haori, the elder seamstress is still working on it. Kakashi’s haori wasn’t finished in time, and required poor patchwork. Hinata goes to pick up the haori, and tells Naruto to bring the children to the ceremony.


At the ceremony Kakashi asks Hinata wear Naruto is, she is surprised and decides to go searching for him. At Naruto’s home Himawari and Boruto are fighting over bring a stuff panda to the ceremony. Naruto yells at them to stop, as the panda bear tears. Boruto apologizes as Himawari becomes enraged and activates her Byakugan. Himawari attacks Boruto, as Naruto intervene’s she attacks his chakra points by accident. Konohamaru uses henge no jutsu to take on Naruto’s appearance and the inauguration begins.


Meanwhile, Hinata finds Naruto completely unconscious after having his chakra points forcefully stopped. She wonder who could have done this to him. Boruto is scared of Himawari, who looks for him while still using the Byakugan. Boruto can’t seem to realizes that she can see through walls. Kishimoto can’t stop teasing us with the next generation, and now I want the series to continue on. That mostly won’t happen, but I have hope. Himawari is bad-ass though.



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