Weekly Shonen (7/23/15)


Chapter 636

Sensitive Monster

Kenpachi notices the strange form of Pernida and comments “what the hell is that”? Mayuri states that “it appears to be some type of metamorphosis that isn’t suitable for battle”. Ikkaku notes that “there doesn’t seem to be an opening for them to attack”, Yumichika claims that if they were to screw up they would pay for it” and Nemu agrees. Kenpachi arm becomes mangled by The Compulsory, he tears his arm off to protect the rest of his body.


Mayuri commends him for doing so. Mayuri says that he would advise Kenpachi in keeping his distance, before ordering Nemu to stop Kenpachi’s bleeding. Kenpachi begins attacking Pernida against Mayuri’s orders, Pernida uses his powers on both of Kenpachi’s legs. Mayuri uses his Zanpakuto to stab Kenpachi through the chest with Ashisogi Jizo. He takes note of the results of his actions. He realizes that the paralysis is causing Kenpachi’s bones to break. Mayuri then uses uses Fear Factor 4 (Kyoudoyon), causing the baby face on his blade to begin opening its eyes and scream.

04Nemu warns Ikkaku and Yumichika to “cover their ears because they will be paralyzed in 4 seconds”. Mayuri states that Kenpachi’s strength “may still come in handy”. He explains that Pernida is “using its nerves to infiltrate its enemies’ bodies and control their movements”. He states that this does not surprising to him “because he knows of Blut”. Pernida extends several shadow like tentacles at Mayuri, who easily defends against them. Mayuri wonders “what drugs he will test on it”, Pernida begins to pant and wheeze heavily while its cloak begins to tear.


Kenpachi and Mayuri “teaming up”, to take on Pernida has me excited. These are to of the most powerful characters in the series, but their fighting styles could be more different. It’s unsurprising that Mayuri’s fighting style was more fitting to fight against the mysterious Pernida. Mayuri’s analytical abilities are always fun to watch as is his thinly veiled insults. Kenpachi took a great deal of abuse from both Pernida and Mayuri, but I trust that he’ll be fine. That said Pernida is not dead and is going to transform in the next chapter, to what I am curious. Just as I’m curious about how Kenpachi and Mayuri will handle him/it.




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