Weekly Shonen (07/09/15)


One Piece

Chapter 793

The Tiger and the Dog

The citizens of Dressrosa are surprise to see a Marine Admiral bowing to King Riku. King Riku asks Fujitora to “raise his head“, he asks if this is what Fujitora wanted. Fujitora says that he wanted to leave the fight to the Strawhats.  Kyros salutes the Tontatta warriors, saying that “their mission is completed“. He disbands the army, before telling them “to go to the palace to help the king out“. Meanwhile, at the Red Line in the Holy Land of Mariejos, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki Akainu learns that the Gorousei distributed the false news about Doflamingo “leaving the Shichibukai“. The Gorousei are insulted by Sakazuki , who calls the Gorousei “the World Noble’s puppets“. They blame Sakazuki for Kuzan joining Blackbeard, but Sakazuki replies that Kuzan left the Marines and his behavior is “not his concern“. A Marine bursts into the room to report that “Straw Hat Luffy and Law have defeated Doflamingo“.

The news of Doflamingo’s defeat begins to spread, many are upset that their deals with Doflamingo will no longer be full filled. Meanwhile, Jewelry Bonney reads a newspaper while eating stolen pizza, while being in praised of Luffy and Law. On a sky island, Urouge is visited by Capone Bege comments on the news, saying “his friends are doing well”, and orders his men to “retrieve Caesar Clown“, as “Big Mom’s flag is seen behind him“. Kid says that since “Doflamingo is tied to Kaido, the Luffy and Law alliance must be after him“. Killer states that their target is Red Hair Shanks. On another island, X Drake tells his “crew that his father was killed by Doflamingo“, but he no longer holds a grudge. However, his comrades are more concerned about the news, and they tell Kaido that “Doflamingo has been defeated“.


Meanwhile back on Dressrosa, Sakazuki and Fujitora argue. Sakazuki angrily tells Fujitora that “he should know what it means for him to admit fault, and that he should have reported it before taking action“. Fujitora says “if he had done so, it might have been covered up“. Smoker tells Admiral Fujitora “what happened to him in Alabasta, and that if it hadn’t been for the Straw Hat Pirates, Alabasta would have become like Dressrosa, a country ruled by pirates“. The Marines stole the credit for what happened, Smoker wishes “he had been able to take action against them“.  Sakazuki bans Fujitora from any of the Marine’s bases unless Fujitora manages to “bring back the heads of Luffy and Law“. He responds that he is “fine by that punishment”, surprising Sakazuki.

One of the underrated aspects of the One Piece series is the political aspect. Fujitora’s conflict with Sakazuki was interesting, and I wonder if he’ll remain with the marines. I love seeing the powerful effect Luffy and his crew have on the larger world. The World of One Piece is so vast. There are a lot of questions that haven’t been answered. For example why Killer ants to kill Shanks. Whether, Kaido is a giant and why Big Mom is retrieving Caesar Clown. The BIGGEST reveal is that Kuzan has joined Blackbeard. I’m excited for the next arc and more of the story being explained.





Chapter 634

Friend 4

Haschwalth’s sends Bazz-B flying backwards with an attack. He coughs up blood as Haschwalth states “Yhwach gains nothing from them fighting“. However, Bazz-B says “he came here to kill Yhwach“, and activates Burner Finger 4. Haschwalth calls Bazz-B by his full name, Bazzard Black, then Bazz-B cuts through a pillar before “telling him to get back here“. Haschwalth informs Bazz-B in a flashback that “he will not fight him because clashes between Sternritter are punished with the death penalty“. As Haschwalth walks away, Hubert notes that “it must be annoying to be pestered by a new recruit before offering to teach Bazz-B a lesson“.


When Hubert claims Yhwach will not know, Haschwalth points out that he is watching. Bazz-B says that Haschwalth had “already become captain of the Sternritter by the time he entered and that he would never accept his challenge to battle“. Haschwalth severs Bazz-B’s right arm, and Bazz-B uses his Burning Full Fingers. However, Haschwalth dodges and slashes him. Dying, Bazz-B grabs Haschwalth and notes “that he lost before admitting he thought this would be more shameful“. Haschwalth walks away, Bazz-B falls to the ground, recalling their previous meeting. Too be honest I’m not that interested in this “fight” any longer, and I glad it appears to be over. I predicted that Bazz-B would get destroyed easily, but I kinda feel bad for him. We did get some back story on Haschwalth and I guess that was valuable information. Hopefully, we’ll get back to Grimmjow in the net chapter.




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