E3 2015 – John’s Take

E3 2015 will go down in history as the show about giving gamers what they’ve been asking for. Companies finally listening to what the consumers have been telling them. It was filled with surprise after surprise and one amazing game after another. They toned down the snark and cheap shots and just delivered awesome games. In the interest of time we’re just going to be addressing the big 3 shows from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (although the others shows delivered big time as well). And while we won’t be declaring any “winners” of E3 (hint:it’s us!) we will give them each the obligatory grade.


Microsoft was the 1st of the platform holders out of the gate and they didn’t waste any time by delivering one of the biggest surprises of the show… backwards compatibility! No subscription services, no reselling you your old games, just the ability to play…

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