Weekly Shonen (6/11/15)


Chapter 700+7

Genetic Slaves

Shin reveals that his “sons“, are “just” genetic clones of himself. He tells Sakura that she worry, as they are “nothing more than expendable substitutes“. Sakura is appalled at Shins treatment of his clones, comparing him to Oorochimaru. Shin reveals that Oorochimaru was once his master. He says that he was one of Oorochimaru test subjects, in order for Oorochimaru to create his own clones. He explains that the clones were created from his “teeth and nerves“, showing that he no longer has any teeth. Meanwhile, Naruto uses Sage mode to try to locate Sakura. He’s unable to sense Sakura’s chakra at all. Sasuke and Naruto explain the theory that Shin was somehow related to Oorochimaru. They decided to bring Sarada and Chocho along with them as they search for Oorochimaru hideout.

Elsewhere, Shin tells Sakura that she “shouldn’t grieve“, he says that “living beings essentially never die“. He explains that “reproductive cells“, help create a “system of perpetually surviving and living on into the future, eternally“. Sakura becomes enraged at Shin’s explanation, he does further explain that its “not just about transmission of genes between parent and child“. He says that “in order for humans to evolve, war is essential“, and this is why “the akatsuki exists”. Naruto, Sasuke and the girls follow Yamato. He tells them that he can’t leave his post, in case Oorochimaru shows up. Sasuke and Naruto meet with Jugo and Suigetsu and a youthful Oorochimaru. Chocho (comically) is uncertain whether Oorochimaru is a man or a woman. Sasuke accuses him of being a part of the scheme. Oorochimaru explains that Shin is “obsessed with Itachi”, though he isn’t an Uchiha. Oorochimaru explains that Shin, ” possesses a very unique physical body which accepts, anything transplanted into it without rejection”.


Oorochimaru says that Shins clones are “like Kage Bunshin that don’t disappear”. Naruto asks him, “what happens when your done using them”. Oorochimaru basically explains that they are like children and if you want them to disappear “you have to kill them”. Oorochimaru explains that “humans are slaves to their genes”, he agrees to help them find Shin. Sarada asks Suigetsu about her “mother”, in which he responded that “he didn’t know that Sasuke was that much of pimp”. He decides to do a DNA test, proving once and for all that Sarada is the child of Sasuke and Karin. Sarada unsurprisingly enraged at the reveal, a tearful tells Naruto that she no longer “gives a shit about” her parents anymore.

Shin’s ability is interesting, and the return of Oorochimaru was a surprise. However, Oorochimaru involvement with Shin wasn’t a surprise in the slightest. The ending of this chapter was very surprising, I didn’t think Sarada would end up being Karin’s daughter. Now I very interested in how that happened. Sakura obviously would know that Sarada isn’t her child (biologically), but considering that Sasuke hasn’t been around his daughter at all may explain why he might not know. Is it possible that Karin gave Sarada to Sakura. Maybe, Oorochimaru tried an experiment to create a clone or child of Sasuke. Karin was always obsessed with Sasuke, maybe she stole some of his DNA somehow and created Sarada. I don’t know, but I’m interested to find out.

07 22


Chapter 630

The Twined Twilight

Grimmjow attacks Askin, stating that “it’s one down”. Askin begins to run out from under the rumble of Grimmjow’s attack. Grimmjow tells him to “get back here”, Askin says he’ll come back “if he promised not to turn him into a lump of flesh”. Grimmjow questions why Askin is running, since he supposedly came to fight. Askin responds that he didn’t “come here to fight, that he came to massacre them”. He says that he planned on doing it stealthily and covertly. Askin asks Grimmjow to join him in killing Ichigo, Grimmjow responds by turning his hands into claws and attacks.

Meanwhile, in Wahrwelt, a member of the Wandenreich “reports the activities of the Schutzstaffel to Haschwalth”. He asks if Uryu was included and wanted to know which way he went. He tells the Wandenreich to follow Uryu. Haschwalth notes that “it was a bad to leave Ishida to his own devices”, he feels that a sternritter should always be watching him. Before the Wandenreich could leave he is killed by Bazz-B. He attacks Haschwalth with Burner Finger One, Haschwalth evades his attack.

05 10

He notes that the damage to his body wasn’t due to enemies but from Yhwach’s Auswaehlen. Haschwalth explains that “it was genocide”, so lost “their Quincy: Vollständig or their lives depending on whether or not they managed to avoid the beams of light”. Haschwalth claims to have sympathy for Bazz-B, but he’s not buying that. Bazz-B uses his Burner Finger Two,  Bazz-B notes that “Haschwalth will gain Yhwach’s power and proclaims his intention to kill him along with Yhwach’s power”, he then begins a flashback recalling his childhood.

Let’s just be clear Bazz-B is going to get slaughtered, by Haschwalth. The flashback is going to be the death curtain so to speak. However, we might be able to get a glimpse of Haschwalth powers. Grimmjow verses Askin might be interesting, considering how their fight styles are very different. Haschwalth mistrust of Uryu makes sense, I certainly expect that he will betray Yhwach at some point. This chapter was quick and didn’t really expand on the story, but set up the battle between Bazz-B and Haschwalth.

06 (1) 15


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