Review of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is a manga series that is presently being distributed in English speaking countries courtesy of Kodansha Comics USA. The comic is the brainchild of artist Miki Yoshikawa (creator of Flunk Punk Rumble) and has appeared within the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine since February 2012. The book is recommended for fans of gender bending, which is a surprisingly popular thing. During my brief time in airport security you wouldn’t believe how many blokes the x-ray body scanners detected wearing lacy underwear and bras. After spotting a five hundred pound chap sporting a G-string I promptly handed in my notice.


This manga stars two high schoolers named Ryu Yamada and Urara Shiraishi who are polar opposites. The titular Yamada is a delinquent who is teetering on the verge of expulsion whilst Shiraishi is an academic prodigy who effortlessly achieves the highest grades in her class…

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