Weekly Shonen (4/3/15)

001yuyuOne Piece

Chapters 782

The Charisma of Evil

Luffy and Doflamingo begin their battle using Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki. They both manage to land hits on one another, injuring each other. However, Trebol interferes using his Beta Beta no Mi (mucus powers), holding Luffy in place so that Doflamingo can finish Law off. Trebol flashes back to how he, Vergo, Diamante, and Pica “encouraged a young Doflamingo to become the Pirate King and eliminated everything that opposed him“. Trebol plans on setting his mucus on fire, but Law calls “him Doflamingo’s puppet”. An angry Trebol attacks Law, ignoring Doflamingo’s warning. Law uses his Room and slashes Trebol upwards using Sterben. Trebol is now without his mucus to protect him. He decides to set himself on fire hoping to take Law with him.






Chapter 622

The Agony

All the Shinigami react as Aizen is revealed. Rukia and the others are shocked when Shunsui admits that he released him. They question his decision, based on Aizen’s past behavior. Shunsui states “they must fight evil with evil before noting the Gotei 13 is not evil“. Shunsui informs Aizen that he will not release him completely, he must fight from his chair. While confined to his chair, Aizen casts Hado #90. Kurohitsugi. He destroys the remaining one eye creatures, the other comment that he appears stronger than before. Byakuya tells Shunsui “that he has offended their pride by releasing Aizen, but Shunsui tells him to save his issues with it until later“. Aizen begins using his Reiatsu, creating a “pathway to the palace for the other Shinigami”.

17ghghfThese chapters were very simple, and barely progressed the stories forward. The fight between Luffy and Doflamingo, is just beginning so far they seem about even. We will not get to they real in-depth fight between them until, Trebol and Law are dealt with. Hopefully, the next chapter will resolve this. The reveal that Aizen will remain strapped to that invincible chair seems silly. His motive for helping is still unclear, and I highly doubt that he’ll remain in that chair. Obviously, all these questions will be answered later, this chapter failed to do that.




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