Weekly Shonen (03/27/15)

One Piece

Chapter 781

Long Cherished Desire

The Birdcage begins to shrink, causing the citizens of Dressrosa to panic. On the palace roof, Doflamingo tells Luffy “that he plans to end his game by withdrawing the Birdcage“, saying that “it would close and kill everyone on the island in about an hour“. The Marines fail to stop the Birdcage from shrinking. Viola confirms the “death” of Law. Doflamingo begins to taunt Luffy, stating that “just like Law and Bellamy, the pirate’s friends would all die before he dies himself“. Luffy attacks Doflamingo, saying that if “he beats the Shichibukai up then the problem will be over“. However, Law uses his Chambles and switches with Luffy.

luffyLaw says that “Doflamingo is going to be the one to die“, and Luffy cheers him one as he uses Gamma Knife and stabs Doflamingo. Trebol asks Law “how he could have used Chambles without having activated a Room“. Law reveals that “he had created a Room too big for them to notice”, he used Chambles to switch himself with a body of one of Doflamingo’s soldiers. He also revealed that he was the one whispering to Luffy, telling him about his plan. Doflamingo grabs Law’s face, but Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp knocking Doflamingo to the ground.

004-005002Luffy attempts to fight Doflamingo, but Law stops him. He says that “Doflamingo is his to finish”. He uses another Room, he tells Doflamingo “that that his attack destroyed all of his internal organs, despite there being no external wound“. Trebol attempts to intervene, but is kicked aside by Luffy. Law reflects that “Corazon could never pull the trigger, but even though it will make him just like Doflamingo, he will“. He states that “Doflamingo should have been the one to die thirteen years ago”. Doflamingo says Corazon “was nothing but a burden“, Law uses Counter Shock on him. Doflamingo stands up, revealing that “he is using his Devil Fruit to perform first aid to repair his organs, although he admits that he is not healed“. Doflamingo prepares to stomp on Law, but Luffy effortlessly stops the attack, as the two prepare to fight.

009gtI’m glad Law survived (with the clever use of his devil fruit ability, and a little deception). He was the one whispering to Luffy and together they use a plan in which Law get the drop on Doflamingo. Originally, I though Trebol was going to be a problem. Clearly, he seems to at least be too weak to trouble Luffy. Law appeared to have “defeated” Doflamingo, but lets be honest that never was going to happen. Doflamingo’s devil fruit can basically do everything, now they “heal”, sort of. I’ll be fine with this, only if Doflamingo is at least seriously injured. The fight has been tease for so long I’m a little afraid of what will happen on the next chapter. However, it appears that the next chapter will official be the start of Doflamingo vs Luffy.



Chapter 621

The Dark Curtain

Ukitake collapses as Mimihagi is absorbed by Yhwach, Urahara notes this. The “beam of darkness” that Yhwach shot at Seireitei’s Shakonmaku. This results in a   cloak of darkness covering Seireitei. Meanwhile, In the Soul King Palace, Lille notices shows concern Yhwach, as he begins to turn into many one-eyed creatures.

darHaschwalth appears and tells them “not worry because this is merely the manifestation of the Soul King’s powers, which have been freed from the seals placed on them by the Shinigami and which now have an enemy only in the Shinigami“. The creatures head toward the Seireitei. Soi-Feng states “it must be the Quincies“, she points that the  hole within the Shakonmaku is a likely enemy target.

16aiSoi-Feng uses her Bankai, Jakuho Raikoben, and aims toward the shroud of darkness above them. However, the creatures enter through the hole proving her thesis. Marechiyo, Hisagi, Ikkaku, and Yumichika activate their Shikai to destroy the creatures, Byakuya uses Senbonzakura, as he arrives with Rukia, and Renji. The creatures don’t stop coming, then they are suddenly crushed by Aizen’s Reiatsu. He tells them that they should “simply crush them with their Reiatsu like this“.

03kThis chapter didn’t feature much of anything to progress this story. Yhwach turning into small one eyed monsters seems to be a very weird. I’m going to assume that it’s only a temporary transformation. Maybe, I missed it but I didn’t realize that the Shinigami trapped the Soul King, or at least restrained him with seals. Aizen to the rescue, still can’t get use to that. I’m excited to see what he brings to this fight and how the other shinigami react.



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