Weekly Shonen (3/19/15)

One Piece

Chapter 780

The Heart Curse


We are shown how Law was killed a few minutes prior to Luffy defeating Bellamy. Trebol uses his Sticky Launcher, he pins Law to the roof telling him to give. Doflamingo say that “he should just take a nap“, that he was “in over his head” for facing off against Doflamingo and Trebol. Doflamingo tells him that “working for 13 years to depose of him, and his alliance with Luffy had been basically been completely worthless“.

bbbbbbbbbbbbDoflamingo offers Law a deal,”a chance to make the rest of Law’s short life meaningful by performing the Immortality Surgery on him“. In exchange, he will grant Law any wish. Law’s response is to insult Doflamingo by suggesting that he bring Corazon “back to life“, then “go lick the asshole of every last citizen of this poor country“. Law says that “Doflamingo’s life was the pitiful one, saying that the Straw Hats can cause miracles“, and flips him off. Doflamingo shoots Law eight times, he that “legacy of the Heart will end“.

04bnbnbMeanwhile, Luffy finally breaks through the palace roof. Luffy attacks with a Gear Third punch, that is blocked by Doflamingo’s Spider’s Web. Luffy jumps over the web, using Hawk Gatling on Doflamingo. Doflamingo uses the attack Break White, surrounding Luffy in a “mass of strings“. Luffy dodges slipping in Law’s blood. Doflamingo tells Luffy that “Law is dead“, surprising Luffy. The citizens of Dressrosa realize that “the Birdcage is shrinking“. Doflamingo says “that it is time for the game to end“. Luffy attempts to fight, but hears a faint voice telling him to “listen closely“.

11cccThe build up to this fight has been coming and long time. While it has just stated, I’m really excited to face Doflamingo and Trebol. Is Law really dead? Is he the voice heard? Seeing as Law hasn’t used his trump card Immortality Surgery, he could use it on himself, right? Will he wait for Luffy to be near death? Will Sabo arrive to on Trebol and even the fight? I obviously have nothing, but questions? However, I’m excited to see what the answers will be.




Chapter 620

Where do you stand


This final Bleach arc has been hit or miss, from the beginning. The last two chapters have been a miss. The progression has been minimal at best. Ichigo is being treated like he has no skill at all, being tossed around by Yhwach and Ishida. He seems to be mostly unharmed, but still. I’m not buying Ishida’s betrayal at all. His explanation was that he’s “a quincy”. Why did he work with Ichigo and the shinigami for so long if he’s so loyal to the quincies. Chances are he just looking for vengeance for his mother.

02bI said previously that Yhwach easily defeat of Mimihagi, was ridiculous. All the drama regarding Ukitake sacrifice, only for it to be basically a waste of time. Yhwach constant trumping of obstacles in his way is starting to get old. We get it he’s all powerful but, Ichigo is still going to defeat him. So by increasing his powers so drastically, Kubo will have to increase Ichigo’s powers even more than Yhwach, right?

10jjjjDespite my disappointment in the chapter and the inconsistent aspects of this arc, I’m still excited to see the outcome of the war. Clearly, Ichigo and his friends aren’t defeated. Will they face off against the Elite Sternritters or will the Shinigami finally arrive. I’m hoping that Ukitake’s sacrifice wasn’t wasted like it appears. However, these last few chapters have left me wanting more.




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