Nintendo President Says He Announced NX Because He Wanted People To Know They Hadn’t Left The Console Market

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We were all a little taken aback when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the Nintendo NX. The system will either be the successor to the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, or both, depending on which route Nintendo takes. Iwata says that he revealed the new project to reassure Nintendo fans that Nintendo hasn’t left the traditional video game console market. Iwata also reiterated that he wouldn’t be talking about the system until sometime next year, which could be when it launches.

You also just announced “NX,” something you described as a platform that’s “a brand new concept.” Can you confirm whether this is indeed hardware, and what it’s intended to follow system-wise?

The reason why I announced “NX,” which by the way, is not directly related to our alliance with DeNA, was because I wanted to avoid any misunderstandings such as, “Nintendo might have lost its passion for the dedicated game system business,”…

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