Weekly Shonen (03/13/15)


Chapter 619

The Betrayer

Yhwach tells Ichigo that he “never even once thought of doing as I pleased with you“. He says that “your will is everything“, and that “it’s connected to my will“. “What do you mean“, Ichigo says. Yhwach tells him “that he has been fighting all this time for him“. Yoruichi tells Ichigo that “he is lying“, but Yhwach says “all of Ichigo’s actions were because they share the same blood“.

hfghIchigo becomes angry and attacks Yhwach. He says he doesn’t “care about his quincy blood“, and he will “still stop Yhwach“. He mocks Ichigo by saying that “he’s a weak, for not even being able to utter the word kill to the man that murdered his mother“. Ichigo and Yhwach are interrupted when Uryu Ishida shoots Yoruichi in the arm. With her arm shot Yoruichi looses her concentration and the barrier around the Soul King shatters.

09Ichigo is blasted away by Yhwach, as he attacks the Soul King. Yoruichi begins throwing spheres at him, Yhwach calls Pernida Parnkgjas who uses his strange powers on her arm. Yhwach tosses her out of the Palace and Yhwach places his hand on the Soul King, Ichigo tries to attack. However, Uryu distracts him with another arrow. Yhwach appears to rip Mimihagi off of the Soul King. Uryu tells Ichigo “not to interfere with Yhwach“, as an angry Ichigo asks “what he is doing“.

13hjhjI can’t image that after all of Ukitake sacrifice, Yhwach simply rips it off effortlessly without being stopped. Furthermore, his initial reaction to Mimihagi appeared to indicate that it wasn’t going to be that easy to defeat it. I also don’t by Uryu’s “betrayal” and I’m just waiting for him to turn on Yhwach (though Yhwach apparently can “see” everything). I guessing Aizen is going to face off against Yhwach or maybe he’ll figure out a way to restore or replace the Soul King. Most likely we’ll begin with the fight between the Elite Sternritter and the remaining Shinigami, before we conclude with Yhwach.



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