Weekly Shonen (2/27/15)

One Piece

Tactics No. 5

Chapter 778

That there is nothing in this world that he cannot cut

As Pica heads toward the plateau to kill King Riku. Elizabello II readies his “King Punch”, but Zoro stops him. He asks Elizabello to “give him two minutes“, he asks  Orlumbus and asking him to “throw him“. Pica crushes some people who fires cannons at by him. King Riku reveals his location and begging Pica to stop. Riku orders “everyone to safety”.

10-11vbgOrlumbus throws Zoro with great force. He uses “Busoshoku Haki” and begins a technique, claiming “that there is nothing in this world that he cannot cut“. Pica tells Riku that “he is not fit to be king if he cannot defeat his enemies, and that he failed to protect his country because he loves peace too much“. Riku admits that “Pica is correct, but cries that he is proud of the fact that he has remained human and will not take another life in order to survive“.

12-13ghPica says that “good people like Riku are killed and forgotten by history“. Zoro cuts Pica “stone body” in half. Pica shifts himself throughout his body, but Zoro continues to cut his stone body into pieces. Pica finally reveals himself coated in Busoshoku Haki. He claims that Zoro “can never cut through him, but Zoro responds that all he needs is stronger Haki“. Elizabello uses his King Punch to blast away the debris left by Pica’s stone body.

14-nThis battle was underwhelming, but I’m fine with that. Zoro was basically playing with Pica the whole time, so I’m not surprised that he defeated him quickly. However, I can’t help but feel like the fight was rushed. Regardless, the next chapter should return to the battle between Luffy and Bellamy. I’m curious to see what happens.




Return of the God

Chapter 617

“still has two more keys”

Kamikake reaches from Ukitake, instantly stopping the shaking. Yhwach is shocked that he didn’t “see” this turn of events. He angrily demands to know “if the Soul King is beginning to feel sentiment toward Soul Society after protecting it for all this time“. Soi Feng asks Urahara “how long this will last”, she concludes that “the realms will only remain stable as long as Ukitake has a life force”. Urahara says he’s uncertain, because “he has never heard of Kamikake until now”. He say’s that “they need to find another way to stabilize Soul Society while Ukitake is substituting for the Soul King”.

004Shunsui asks Aizen if “he is unwilling to converse using his Reiatsu”. He reveals several keys to Aizen’s seal. He said that he was given permission “to use three of them”. Meanwhile, the doorways to the palace fail due to Ukitake’s Reiatsu being “stronger than that of the rest of the group”. Mayuri Kurotsuchi finally appears, he reveals a machine called a “Reiatsu amplifier”. The doorway seems to manifest correctly after that.

Shunsui inserts one key so Aizen can speak. Aizen is able to speak rather quickly, this shocks Shunsui. He notes that “he only removed the seal from Aizen’s mouth”, surprised that Aizen took off the rest. Aizen steps forward telling Shunsui that he “still has two more keys”.

008It’s weird that I’m excited to see Aizen, but I don’t know what he’s up to. First if it was that easy to break free of his seals why didn’t he do it sooner? Did he need at least one seal to be unlocked? Also, he originally wanted to destroy the soul King so why not join Yhwach? Will he be friend or foe? Will they finally show his Bankai? Has Yhwach seen his Shikai? I don’t know, but I really excited for the next chapter.




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