Weekly Shonen (2/12/15)

liOne Piece

Chapter 776

The Colosseum Hero

“I am not made of steel but . . . I, as this country’s anger embodied, shall take you down”

At the SMILE factory, Franky orders the dwarves to “tear down this vile factory“, as they charge he collapses as he says “Luffy, it’s on you now“. Meanwhile, Diamante and Kyros continue to battle. Diamante uses “Moon Half“, after cutting the ground in half he proclaims that he is “the current hero of Colosseum“. Kyros doesn’t care an attacks, but Diamante use “Flutter” to dodge. Kyros collapses, Diamante comments that a lesser man would have done so long ago.

08Diamante uses his flutter ability once again, shooting them into the air. The flutter confetti releases “spiked steel balls“. Diamante claims that his technique can take out an entire army. Robin counters by using sunflowers, with her “Mille Fluere: Flower Umbrella“. Kyros shockingly deflects each and every spiked steel ball with his sword. Diamante shoots him in his remaining leg, forcing Kyros to fall to the ground as the spike steel balls hit him.

11Rebbecca becomes enraged and prepares to attack Diamante. Her father stands bloody and tells her “not to stain her hands with blood“. Kyros seeks to avenge what was taken from him and make Diamante pay. Diamante uses “Moon Half“, and Kyros counter with “Trueno Espada“, cutting through Diamante. I found this chapter very engrossing. Kyros and his determination to protect his daughter and avenge his wife murder was Luffy level. So was his strength, I think the ending to this conflict was satisfying. Oda seems to have kept each battle with a member of Doflamingo’s family to a single chapter. We are getting close to Luffy vs Doflamingo which I’m hoping is even more epic.


Chapter 615

All is Lost

the Soul King will never rise again

We start in the Human world, where Yuzu Kurosaki tells his sister Karin to an “earthquake” that’s occurring. We quickly arrive at the events at the Soul Palace where the Soul King was cut in half by Ichigo. Ichigo upset that he couldn’t avoid attacking the Soul King, wonder why? Yhwach, explains his “Almighty” powers which allows him to “see into all futures and give and take as he pleases, which is why he gave Ichigo the Reiatsu still present in his sword, which forced Ichigo to attack the Soul King“.

07Ichigo drops the tainted sword and uses another sword to attack Yhwach. He questions whether Ichigo “still has a reason to fight“, now that “soul society has been eradicated“. Urahara is in shock that the Soul King has been killed. Back at the Soul Palace while Yhwach give a long winded speech Yoruichi surrounds him with dozens of threads. She orders Orihime to use “Soten Kisshun” on the soul king. However it fails and shatters, Yhwach states that “the Soul King will never rise again“. In Soul Society, Renji wonders what can be done as Ukitake’s appearance begins to change.

jjhMost of the most recent Bleach chapters have been quick reads, but that’s not a bad thing. This chapter wasn’t very illuminating. However, I found it interesting that Yhwach killed the Soul King without replacing him with something or someone. Right? If the all three worlds are destroyed, then what is Yhwach going to rule? I liked the fact that Urahara does know and/or anticipating everything, and was surprised by the Soul King’s death. I thought Orihime might attempt to restore the Soul King, so I wasn’t surprise it failed. Logically speaking I though it should have succeeded. Ukitake, clearly left us thinking



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