Weekly Shonen (1/30/15)

One Piece

Chapter 775

To Lucy Anne, with Love

Because when I wear these clothes, I can get you to smile for me

Mansherry, calls to Leo asking him to give her a “piggyback ride”, because her legs hurt. Leo responds by suggesting that the princesses selfish side had emerged. He asks her to heal her legs and basically walk by herself. Mansherry is offended and decides that she won’t be running. Leo gives her the piggyback ride for the sake of time. Defeated Jora reveals that Doflamingo wanted to use Chiyu Chiyu no Mi ultimate ability to restore the SMILE factory.

006Meanwhile, at the SMILE factory Franky and Senor Pink battle. Franky hits Senor Pink with “Strong Hammer”, Pink counters as he uses “Meow Meow Suplex”. The crowd notices that they are both “at their limits”. Apparently, Senor Pink has taken hits from “Strong Hammer” over 30 times. Franky proclaims that due to his “Strong Style” he will not be dodging any attack Senor Pink delivers. Senor Pink decides to use his ultimate attack, Baby Buster. He grabs Franky and “swims”, up the tower and slams him into the ground.

012Franky emerges hurt, but he quickly launches “Franky Iron Boxing”. Senor Pink remembers one love, Lucy Ann and his dead son Gimlet as he is defeated. Senor Pink began wearing his son’s old bonnet as tribute. Franky notices Pink tears and tells him to share the story of Lucy Anne over drinks some day. One Piece is steadily progressing as Doflamingo’s family are being defeated one by one. I though Senor Pink’s back story was sad and touching and managed to humanized him.




Chapter 613

The Ordinary Peace

 “A small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny

Ichibei claims that the “mere humans” cannot defeat Yhwach with their abilities, but that they shouldn’t fear because “that is all there is to the so called peace”. Meanwhile, at the Seireitei Jushiro Ukitake reveals that he has successfully completed three rounds of treatment. Shinji is confused and suggests that Jushiro didn’t need medical attention. He reveals that he helped heal everyone except Kenpachi.

031However, Kenpachi is able to move and asks where Yachiru Kusajishi is. He is informed that his men are searching for her. Kenpachi attempts to leave, but is stopped by Reishi. Kenpachi moves toward Urahara but is intercepted by Nanao. She tells him that “his men will be able to search faster than he can”. Surprisingly, he agrees and backs off. Urahara gives everyone sphere’s to hold. He instructs them to stand within the circle and charge the spheres with their spiritual power.

ghgHe opens the ceiling, ask Ichigo finally arrives in the Soul Palace. Yhwach turns around and proclaims to Ichigo that “a small insect like him has no need to have such a destiny, he tells Ichigo that he should be thankful that he will be crushed by his hands”, as he prepares for battle. This chapter set up the battle between Yhwach and Ichigo nicely. With the Royal guard defeated, it will be interesting to see who pair off to face the Elite Sternritter, along with Haschwalth and Uryu.




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